Starter Pack CBD Vape

Starter Pack CBD Vape


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You can't decide which one of our Unique CBD Vapes you want to try. Don't worry you don't have to. With this Starter Pack of CBD Vapes from Cakespace, you can enjoy our five Flavors and Effects with a little reduction. 

Beach and its wonderful Piña Colada filled with sun and vitamins. 

Focus Red Fruit Flavored Vapes, will make your brain concentrate for the rest of the day. 

Relax is made for one Goal: Relaxation, a smart combination of Blackberries, Chamomille, and Passiflora to reach this state of mind all your day. 

Feel is more about sensuality and love. This aphrodisiac vapes and its Litchi flavor are all you need to spice a little your everyday life. 

And finally Fresh, peppermint is the perfect combo for you


RELAX: As relaxing as an evening in the countryside, RELAX contains 250mg of CBD & CBN

BEACH: Filled with sun and Piña Colada, BEACH contains 250mg of CBD & CBG

FEEL: Aside from its sensuality, FEEL contains 250mg of CBD & CBG

FOCUS:  The true concentrate of vitality that is FOCUS contains 250mg of CBD & CBG.

FRESH:  The concentrate of freshness and soothing that is FRESH contains 250mg of CBD, CBG & CBN.

They contain no trace of nicotine!

How to use 

During your first use, remove the cover and the plastic tip present on the upper part and lower part of the vape

CBD with natural extracts

At Cakespace, you can buy a wide variety of recreational products derived from the CBD molecule. Present in Cannabis, its consumption is totally legal. It is often promoted for its healing properties, but it is simply a molecule that feels good. So why not just use it to have a good time?

In order for you to have the best of times, we are committed to providing the best quality products possible. We have therefore selected plants with innovative genetics which remain 100% natural and organic and grow thanks to the care and experience of experienced producers. The outcome? Flowers of an incomparable delicacy, as tasty as relaxing... In short: the best of CBD.


Filled with borneol, a terpene known for its relaxing properties, the "Relax" vape provides a feeling of deep relaxation, making it an amazing weapon against symptoms of anxiety and stress.


The CBD of the "Feel" Vape combines with red ginseng to activate the cannabinoid receptors responsible for desire and pleasure, for moments that are always more inflamed...


As its name suggests, our "Focus" vape provides optimal physiology to help the brain focus on what’s important and improves long-term memory, for a sharper mind...