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With our new range of HHC Hash, these are big guns that land on the Cakespace shop. Don't let their intense aromas and strong smells fool you: they hide explosive mixes for ever more powerful effects. Their secret? HHC, a molecule derived from cannabinoids, which produces even stronger effects than THC, as well as CBN, a cannabinoid which acts like THC, without its negative effects... Available in several grammages and with different rates of THC and CBN, the Medellin, the Sinaloa and the Tijuana will know how to give a new dimension to your daily life.



The Sinaloa contains less than 0.3% of THC, 25% of HHC and 5% of CBN.

How to use

Our HHC hash can be consumed in several ways.  They can be inhaled through a vaporizer, by placing a piece in the tank before heating it between 160 and 220°C.  Our products can also be integrated into any type of drink or meal. Simply heat them beforehand (about 100 degrees in the oven for at least 45 minutes for optimal results) and infuse them in a fatty substance (whole milk, oil, butter, honey, etc.) You can even use them in a room diffuser and an incense burner! In order to find the exact quantity of HHC contained in our products, you can refer to the concentration (heading Composition): thus, 1g of product with 25% of HHC contains 250mg of HHC. For a first intake, we advise you to start with a small dose and to increase it gradually.


CBD with natural extracts

At Cakespace, you can buy a wide variety of recreational products derived from the CBD molecule. Present in Cannabis, its consumption is totally legal. It is often promoted for its healing properties, but it is simply a molecule that feels good. So why not just use it to have a good time?

In order for you to have the best of times, we are committed to providing the best quality products possible. We have therefore selected plants with innovative genetics which remain 100% natural and organic and grow thanks to the care and experience of experienced producers. The outcome? Flowers of an incomparable delicacy, as tasty as relaxing... In short: the best of CBD.


More effective than THC, the HHC of our hashes causes a deep relaxation to effectively soothe anxiety symptoms. The icing on the cake? The CBN is famous for its action on sleep... goodbye, insomnia!


Combining intensity and vitality, our HHC hashes are known for their mood-enhancing effects, so you can meet the challenges of the day or make the most of your evenings!


Our HHC hashes help you to see the good side of life and help to open the appetite, ideal when you want to recover your strength or relax before a meal!