About us

Our Concept


Before anything else, Cakespace is the story of four young entrepreneurs who wanted to create social bonds in a society where everyday life pushes us further apart.


Cakespace is a brand which sells recreational products derived from the CBD molecule. Of a rare quality, these are the result of a both innovative and 100% natural European


Our goal? Create a European community system to discuss Cannabis, its benefits, share opinions, recommendations - or just good vibes - in a relaxed, fun and positive atmosphere.

To live the Cakespace adventure, you can join us on our social media. What's in it for you? A regular dose of content, anecdotes, games, events, and discussions related to CBD. And if you really can't get enough of us, we also have a blog, where we offer complementary and more detailed content.


CBD is short of Cannabidiol, a molecule present in Cannabis, whose consumption is completely legal.

  1. CBD is often advertised for its healing properties.
  2. But it is above all a molecule that feels good. So why not use it to have a good time?


Today, CBD is increasingly used to relieve various aches and pains.

  1. It is believed to have an action on anxiety, insomnia, and even certain pains.
  2. Regularly used in cosmetics, this molecule is also known for its regenerative action.


In order for you to have the best time possible, we are committed to making products of the highest quality.

  1. We have selected plants with innovative genetics which remain 100% natural, cultivated by certified and passionate professionals.
  2. To ensure transparency and quality, we follow each stage of production with the utmost consideration


At Cakespace, CBD is enjoyed in all forms: flowers, vapes, oils, creams, edibles, for a variety of uses.

  1. The Cakespace family will grow with time, thanks to different ranges and even many accessories.
  2. Don't hesitate to check our social media and our blog to be informed of the latest drops!



Thanks to their soothing virtues, our varieties are formidable allies in the face of stress and anxiety thanks to their gentle and long-lasting effects. Perfect for relaxing!

CBD can also act on the mood, inducing a pleasant and subtle feeling of comfort. Its serene scent even helps prevent insomnia, falling asleep and getting an actual restful sleep.


Other varieties such as Purple Swag or Super Lemon have stimulating effects and provide a welcome boost to get going again, or simply enjoy the moment!

Fresh and fruity, they sharpen the senses and can even help concentrate and think more clearly and calmly.


Thanks to their relaxing action, our flowers can help relieve pain and inflammation, for soothing and tasty rest.

Some varieties even have more specific actions, such as Cannatonic for chronic pain, or Tuttifruitti varieties for muscular tension.



    To obtain a quality product, it is crucial to start with the right material. That is why we have selected genetics, whose flavors are effects are both innovative. But these are also 100% natural, so that you can enjoy the best of CBD in its purest form!


    Germination is an equally important step, as the care given during this first week of life determines the health and productivity of the unborn plant. Depending on their needs, the seeds are planted directly in the ground or moistened. During these few days, the plant needs water and gradually opens to the world to develop its roots. The plant then goes through different phases of growth. During the first weeks, the young shoot is particularly sensitive to diseases. Our growers therefore carefully monitor the development and color of the leaves, as well as the humidity level in the greenhouse. Then comes the vegetative phase, which lasts one to two months during which the plant develops very quickly and takes up space. But the challenge is to make sure that these changes take place in the best possible conditions by checking their water supply or the uniformity of the sunlight. Once adult, the plant is adorned with pretty resinous heads: it is the flowering phase. The growers then reduce the luminosity and the humidity, creating the discreet and intimate atmosphere that allows the most delicate flowers to grow.


    In the twilight of their youth, the plants are finally ready to deliver the fruits of months of work. But it is precisely at the approach of the fateful moment that the grower must remain more attentive than ever. To ensure that they produce the best effects, he must determine precisely the most favourable moment for the harvest. Only a seasoned and conscientious eye will be able to decipher the color of the trichomes and pistils, announcing the maturation state of the plant.


    While the plant is still fresh, the master growers separate the heads from the leaves: it is the manicure step. This step requires great precision and a good knowledge of the plant structure, in order to determine exactly which parts must be cut or kept. This allows to reach the desired balance between yield and quality.


    Once cut, the heads must be cured in order to eliminate the liquid residues, to prevent the appearance of possible diseases or molds and to give more flavor and character to the vapors.


    The buds are then stored in a dark, cool room so that they can dry at their own pace, allowing them to develop their flavors and aromas. Although the growth phase has come to an end, the care given by the grower is far from being over. The grower has to control the temperature and the air circulation to make sure that the remaining humidity leaves the plant for good. During this stage, the heads will adopt a stiffer consistency. As the chlorophyll of the plant degrades, which allows for different colors to develop.


    After months of drying, our flowers take different paths. Already ready to be used, a part is packed as it is, while its sisters go through different processes to be transformed into oils, edibles, e-liquids, etc. The result remains the same: high quality products, packed in packaging designed to preserve their freshness and flavors, which are then shipped across Europe to offer you a unique experience!