What type of CBD would the Stranger Things characters take?

Our CBD products selection for the Stranger Things characters

Ever wonder what type of CBD the Stranger Things characters would choose? ... well, probably not. But at Cakespace, we never do things the same way as everyone else, and to celebrate the release of this fourth season, we wanted to share with you our CBD products selection for each character. Interested? Then it's time to crank up Foreigner and Madonna, microwave some waffles, and read on!

Mike Wheeler - Cosmic Haze

A comforting CBD flower for the most involved of the Stranger Things characters

Of all the Stranger Things characters, Mike is probably the one who cares the most. He is easily upset and often has trouble dealing with his emotions. The way he takes Eleven in without knowing her and the fact that his basement is the gang's base camp show that he longs to be a comforting figure to his friends. A character trait that fits well with the relaxing and pain-relieving properties of Cosmic Haze.  The ease with which he draws parallels between the Upside Down and an alternate reality is also evidence of an original and creative way of thinking, which the exotic notes of our CBD flower will compliment.


Lucas Sinclair - Gamme Relax

Relaxing CBD products for the less chill of the Stranger Things characters

Faced with Mike who gets carried away so easily, Lucas is there to bring the reality checks. He's down to earth, and it's not easy to convince him at times. He never shies away from conflict, which gets him into several arguments with Mike, and he's never afraid to speak his mind. With so much responsibility and tension, Lucas could use our Relax line of CBD products to help him relax and calm his sometimes fractious relationship with Max and Mike.


Will Byers - Fresh line

All the freshness of peppermint for a character as free as air

Underneath his shy exterior, Will takes on a crucial role within the group: that of mediator, facilitating communication between the Upside Down and our world by talking to his mother through the lights in the first season, and then by sharing the visions that the Mind Flayer transmits to him. With a gentle and easygoing nature, Will is like a fresh wind flowing everywhere. A beautiful quality that the Fresh line would be a perfect analogy for, with the freshness of peppermint and its action on breathing.


Dustin Henderson - Beach line

Our sunny line for a warm and soothing character

Dustin is like the sunshine of the party. Warm and full of vitality, he easily manages to put the adults in his pocket and sometimes gives us the best punchlines of the series. A real summer cocktail, the Beach line is perfect for this budding Casanova. In search of harmony, the young boy often adopts a posture of peacemaker. When Lucas and Mike argue, he instinctively tries to calm the tension and refuses to take sides. But after trying so hard to calm everyone down, he could use a little rest in the sun, and just what he needs, the Beach has everything he needs with its relaxing terpenes and vitamin E extracts to protect his skin from the sun!


Max Mayfield - Sky Rocket

A powerful flower for the resident rebel

Like her red mane, Max is hot-headed and fiery. She is the rebel of the group, and you better not annoy her. Moreover, she is never afraid to say what she thinks and does not hesitate to break up with Lucas as soon as he irritates her a little too much. She even helps Eleven to assert herself in season three, an ideal parallel with the Sky Rocket, a powerful flower with a boosting power. But underneath the dark and compact exterior, this CBD flower has a deliciously sweet aroma with buttery notes, like Max, who turns out to be very sensitive and empathetic ...


Jane “Eleven” Hopper - Focus line

What she needs to awaken her psychic potential

With her psychic powers, Eleven has a unique connection to the Upside Down and feels things very intensely. But when you have to deal with so many emotions and sensations, it's important to sort them out. For that, nothing better than our Focus line and its extracts of pinene, bacopa and lion's mane, which will help her concentrate better and remember what is important. She who regularly sacrifices herself for her friends, could also use her comforting red fruit scent...


Nancy Wheeler - Black Afghan Gold

A golden CBD hash for a brilliant young woman

At the beginning of the series, Nancy plays the role of the good student, who cares a lot about what people think. But she is above all a brilliant young woman, just like the golden film of the Black Afghan Gold. Underneath her very wise appearance, Nancy hides a lot of strength and courage, and a taste for efficiency. She would thus appreciate the power and the taste at the same time sweetened and spiced of this CBD hash.


Steve Harrington - Joker Kush

A rich and surprising cocktail for the party boy

Though he first appears as a party playboy who happily enjoys the small pleasures of life, Steve gradually establishes himself as a very loyal and protective character, fighting the Demogorgons with courage, even playing a role of big brother for Dustin. He'll totally relate to Joker Kush, which alternates earthy notes with a citrusy, nectarine taste, and both stimulating and relaxing effects.


Jonathan Byers - Genius Skunk

A mysterious flower for the series’ lone wolf

Naturally aloof, Jonathan Byers exudes a certain mysterious aura that does not fail to intrigue Nancy. Intellectual and creative, the young man cultivates his originality and likes to maintain this slightly marginal and rebellious image. These traits fit the Genius Skunk very well, inspired by an omniscient and mystical creature, and which stimulates creativity. But Jonathan is also known for his selflessness and dedication to his mother and friends, reflecting the comforting power of this CBD flower.


Jim Hopper - Fruit Cake

A sweet flower for this hidden softie

Underneath his gruff and contemplative exterior, Hopper is probably the most chivalrous of the Stranger Things characters. Throughout the series, the policeman shows great courage, not hesitating to confront Hawkins' Laboratory. Archetype of the warrior, he goes to the point of sacrificing himself at the end of season three to blow up the machinery of the Soviets. He also illustrates himself as a father figure for the young Eleven, surrounding her with his affections like a real softie... it is therefore unthinkable to give her something else than the Fruit Cake, a comforting and sweet flower to heal her wounds and soothe her after all these ordeals ...


Joyce Byers - Purple Swag

A colorful flower for the baddest mom of all time

If there's one thing you can say about Joyce Byers, it's that she's determined. While everyone thinks she's crazy and Will is dead, Joyce moves heaven and earth to find her son, stopping at nothing, no matter how unusual. As an overprotective mother who will do anything to protect the people she loves, the Purple Swag will be of great use to her, giving her a healthy dose of energy, focus and inspiration to unlock the mysteries of Hawkins. 


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