How to store CBD and make it last longer

Our complete guide on how to store CBD properly and preserve it

All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately, our favorite molecule is no exception to the rule: it is therefore crucial to know how to store CBD properly in order to enjoy its benefits for as long as possible. But then what are the rules of storage? Are there differences depending on the type of product? So it has no secrets for you, we have prepared a complete guide.

To properly store CBD: the key to enjoy its benefits

An unavoidable deadline

Before explaining how to store CBD, you will have to face a very difficult reality: the degradation process of the product starts as soon as it is opened. Although CBD can be kept between six months and one year after its opening when preserved in good conditions, we advise you to consume it quickly to benefit from its properties in an optimal way. Because the longer you wait, the less effective the terpenes and cannabinoids will be, and the more you will have to use large quantities to obtain the same effects.

Signs a CBD product is expired

One of the keys to judging the good conservation of a CBD product is to know when it is expired. To know if your CBD is nearing the end of its shelf life, you can count on a few indicators.

  • Color: if you see that the green tint of your flower has lightened or that the amber nuances of your oil have darkened, it is because the cannabinoids have taken off.

  • Smell: you don't smell the good aromas of your product anymore? It's probably because the mixture has gone bad..

  • Texture: your oil is thicker? your flower is crumbling? It's time to part with it.

  • Taste:  because you have to listen to yourself too! If you find your CBD more bland or less tasty, it is probably that it lost its properties...

Well, on the other hand, we can reassure you on one point: even expired, a CBD product is not dangerous. The worst that can happen to you, is to feel nothing at all...


The importance of choosing a quality product

The first step to store CBD properly is to choose a product with an optimal longevity. And for that, it is better not to cut on the quality. Might as well start on a good basis ...

We therefore advise you to choose the most natural products possible, grown without pesticides and manufactured without additives or chemicals: check that your flower has been cut by hand, and prefer oils obtained by CO2 extraction ... you will thank us.

To know how to recognize a quality product, don't hesitate to read our guide on how to check the quality of a CBD flower or our 7 tips to recognize a quality CBD oil.

How to store CBD: our tips

The factors of degradation of a product and how to prevent them

After the first opening, several elements can contribute to the degradation of the CBD product. Fortunately, there are solutions to delay these effects.

  • Light. The infrared and ultraviolet rays produced by the sun degrade the Cannabidiol stem cells. Photosensitive, cannabinoids no longer produce effects. It is therefore preferable to store CBD away from sunlight, in a cupboard or refrigerator, for example. At Cakespace, the packaging of our products has already been designed to protect the oils and flowers from the damages of the sun!

  • Temperature. Under the effect of heat, Cannabidiol loses its active ingredients. This is why we advise you to avoid temperatures above 21°C. If you want to make them last several months, do not hesitate to opt for the refrigerator, or even the freezer - as long as you defrost the product only once

  • Humidity. Water damages CBD flowers, creating mold that makes them unusable. It is better to opt for airtight packaging such as Cakespace packaging or glass containers, and check that the latter does not contain water or fog ... 

  • Air. As soon as you use it, we advise you to close your packages tightly to avoid prolonged contact with the air. Indeed, the latter contains molecules which degrade the cannabinoids and the terpenes, and thus the flavours and aromas which go with it…


Different products, different storage rules

With these first tips, you already have a very good basis to avoid many mistakes ... but of course, each CBD product has its specificities.

For CBD flowers, it is better to stick to their original packaging and to the good old cupboard, because they do not go well with the refrigerator and the freezer. 

CBD oils, on the other hand, can be stored in the refrigerator without any problem. Properly stored, home-made cooking oils can even stay in the cupboard for several months or even years!

For cooked CBD products, the shelf life is in line with that of the food in question. If you buy ready-made food, make sure you respect the expiration date indicated on the package. 

Want to make your own CBD butter or oil? You'll find all the instructions in this article!

You now have all the keys in hand to enjoy your CBD products as long as possible! There is only one step left: find a quality product, and for that, at Cakespace, we are not doing so bad, just saying…

Cake it easy,