How to make the perfect CBD tea

Our complete guide to prepare the best CBD tea

Wanna make a CBD tea ? If you want to discover the virtues of CBD, but inhalation, this mode of consumption could be the best alternative. But before you turn on your kettle, there are some basic principles to follow... so make yourself comfortable: we've prepared our best advice for you.

The Benefits of CBD Tea

A simple and gentle way to consume Cannabidiol

Preparing a CBD tea is the best way to integrate the molecule into one's daily routine, and can reassure consumers who might be intimidated by inhalation. 

But depending on the method of consumption you have chosen, CBD is not absorbed by the body in the same way. Unlike inhalation, where it reaches the blood vessels in a few seconds, CBD consumed in oral form must first circulate in the digestive system. That's why it is said to have a bioavailability of 4 to 20%. 

If you want more details on bioavailability, we invite you to take a look at our article on CBD dosage.

Given the long way it has to travel, CBD takes longer to produce effects: a good hour on an empty stomach, and up to three hours after eating. But the good news is that its effects last longer: up to six hours, which makes it both a gentle and long-lasting way of consumption.

Exploring the many benefits of plants with tea

When you take a closer look, tea and cannabis have a lot in common. First of all, they are both plants, with medicinal virtues, a strong and pleasant scent, and have been used by different cultures for hundreds of years. 

Like the different varieties of hemp, each type of tea brings its own set of benefits. Green tea is often said to be antioxidant and immune-boosting, while black tea is said to be beneficial for the intestines and blood pressure. 

Herbal teas are not to be outdone either. In addition to promoting digestion and relaxation, they keep the flavors even better because they are composed of natural plant extracts. 

Combining the two plants to make a CBD tea or infusion would therefore be the ideal solution to boost the benefits of each. 


Our advices on how to make a CBD tea

The steps to consume CBD in a hot beverageude

We convinced you and you want to try cannabidiol in your hot drink? Very good news! To jump the gun, you can turn to two types of products: CBD flower or CBD oil.

If you have chosen to use an hemp flower

  1. Prepare the blend you want to infuse

You can of course consume the flower alone by infusing it. In this case, it is enough to crush it with a grinder. But many find that the flower alone gives a taste that is too herbaceous. 

For more flavors and benefits, you can mix your crushed flower with a tea or an infusion. 

As for the dosage, do not hesitate to refer to our article on CBD cooking, but we generally count between 10 and 25 mg of CBD per cup.  

  1. Infuse the blend in fat

The concern with CBD tea or infusion is that the molecule is fat-soluble. It does not dissolve in water, but in fats. 

It is therefore recommended that you place your mixture in a tea ball or infuser and let it infuse in whole milk, honey or butter for about fifteen minutes before continuing the preparation. 

  1. Ajouter de l’eau frémissante

To activate the CBD present in the flower, it is also necessary to heat it. Hard pass on the cold infusions that we see in some recipes of iced teas, it is imperative to enjoy your tea or your infusion in simmering water - between 75 and 90 ° C depending on the type of tea, but if you are part of the people who are content to use boiling water, we will not judge you...

If you chose to use CBD oil, it's even easier! The oil being already a fat, no need to infuse your tea or your infusion in a fat before putting it in hot water. The only problem is that oil and water do not mix. So if you want to avoid the famous film of oil on the top and thus the lack of uniformity of the CBD in your drink, do not hesitate to stir it regularly or to add a little honey or whole milk to smooth things up…

Our advices on how to pair the right tea with the right CBD product

Since both cannabis and tea have strong flavors, it's crucial to pair the right tea or herbal tea with the right CBD flower to keep the blend harmonious and consistent. So to help you choose the right flower or oil for your favorite drink, we've put together a little guide with our pairing advices for you! 

White tea is known for its light and floral flavors, which will perfectly suit the freshness of Cannatonic, the delicacy of Sky Rocket, or the sweetness of Blackberry. And to accentuate that freshness, you can go for the Fresh oil!

Green tea retains sweet and velvety flavors, which will compliment greedy flowers like Fruit Cake, fruity like Tuttifrutti, and even the exotic accents of Cosmic Haze. For oils, don't hesitate to associate it with the sweet scent of the Beach.

Black tea has more complex and deep flavors. For this, nothing better than the intriguing Purple Swag, the complex blend of Super Lemonhaze or the richness of Genius Skunk and Joker Kush. On the oil side, it will marry very well with the pronounced flavors of the Feel and the Focus

Herbal teas often start from a very pronounced herbaceous base, to which all kinds of flowers, spices or fruits can be associated to develop more pleasant tastes. We therefore advise you to choose a product with similar aromas to your basic blend. But if you really need a particular name, go for Relax oil, which contains many components often found in infusions, such as lemon balm and chamomile. 


Now you have all the keys to make the best CBD tea! Don't hesitate to share your cocooning moments and beverage experiments with Cakespace products by tagging us on instagram, and you better stay tuned: we'll be coming soon with our own range of CBD teas! 

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