December CBD Horoscope: an eventful end of year

December CBD Horoscope: what CBD products should you take according to your zodiac sign?

November is over and it's time for our December CBD Horoscope! After a very complicated Scorpio season, let’s make room for Sagittarius, which brings a new beginning for many signs, as well as its share of challenges with another Mercury retrograde at the end of the month... what should you do to make the best of this end of year? We have prepared our CBD products recommendations!

December CBD Horoscope: must be the Season of the Sagittarius!

Red Lebanese in the spotlight in this December CBD Horoscope

It was worth waiting for your turn: in this December CBD horoscope, Sagittarius has the best opportunities. For those who want to expand their business or have real estate projects, this is the time to go for it! For that, one piece of advice: trust your instincts and what has worked so far. 

To make the most of this month full of opportunities, Sagittarius will find the necessary momentum with Red Lebanese, a CBD hash, concentrated in good mood and energy!


Lots of challenges and opportunities in this December CBD Horoscope

Aries - Focus range

For the first sign of the zodiac, this December CBD Horoscope looks pretty positive... until the last week of the month, when Mercury will start to retrograde in Capricorn. 

What is Mercury retrograde? For the newbies, a planet is said to be retrograde when it stops moving in the sky. From the Earth, it looks like it is moving backwards, which is why it is called retrograde. During this period, the planet ceases to act in its chosen field. Mercury being the planet of communication, many disturbances are to be expected when it stops... 

This phenomenon will have the effect of making Aries very clumsy. It's a bit of a mess in his head, and he has trouble expressing himself properly. An obstacle that he would benefit from overcoming: the month of December offers him great opportunities to stand out at work.

To sort out his confused thoughts and seize these great opportunities, Aries can count on the Focus line, which will help him focus and keep the pace.


Taurus - OG Amnesia

This is a wonderful time for Taurus in this December CBD Horoscope. He will be able to enjoy a very lively and fulfilling love life. As a couple, this will be an opportunity to consolidate their relationship, while singles may well meet someone who will become dear to their hearts... At work, it will be more complicated to cooperate with their teams, but thanks to a nice burst of leadership, resourcefulness and creativity will allow them to stand above the fray and pull their weight. 

To make the most of this beautiful month of December, Taurus will enjoy OG Amnesia, a CBD hash with stimulating and relaxing effects.


Gemini - HHC Hash

Ruled by Mercury, planet of communication, poor Gemini will be particularly affected by his little pause at the end of December. The result? He'll get into trouble for nothing, stay stuck on details... fortunately, being surrounded by his loved ones during the holiday season will help him feel more confident, which is good news since he'll be successful in his professional life. 

In December, Gemini will find comfort in our HHC Hash to keep his good mood and stay relaxed.


Cancer - Super Lemonhaze

This month, Cancer will take a leading role among the astrological signs: where people prefer to remain silent when Mercury retrogrades, he will use his ability to bring people together brilliantly. This beautiful and nourishing energy will also work wonders in the professional sphere, where he will bring welcome support to his colleagues and employees. In short, it's a great month to further cultivate your relationships.

For Cancer to share its gifts with everyone, there's nothing better than a beautiful, boosting CBD flower like Super Lemonhaze!


Leo - Tuttifruitti

It's a month of soul-searching for the Leos. This is a month full of soul-searching for Leos, and it's a good time to make peace with past decisions, which makes it a good time to meet someone. Mercury will have a hard time undermining his optimism and hope... At work, they will allow him to carry out beautiful projects and negotiate efficiently. 

To take full advantage of this positive period full of renewal, Leo will appreciate Tuttifrutti, a CBD flower full of good vibes.


Virgo - Shatter Lemon

For Virgos, December will be the ideal time to blossom in their personal sphere. Moreover, Mercury's actions will help them realize the importance of dialogue with their partner. At the same time, many of them will have a great opportunity to make money. More indecisive than usual, Mercury will help them this time to learn to rely on others. This is a very full social life for our September natives.

To make up for their indecision and avoid putting too much pressure on themselves, Virgos will find relaxation and concentration thanks to our CBD Shatter Lemon crumble.


Libra - Feel range

For Libra, this December CBD horoscope is all about love. Librans can expect the return of an old love, who is coming back after a period of questioning, or after having resolved a situation that prevented him from being present at her side. For others, December opens the possibility of a new relationship, which will restore faith in love ... 

With this month full of love, it is impossible not to recommend our Feel range and its formidable aphrodisiac virtues!


Scorpio - Genius Skunk

Like Cancer, Scorpio will be very supportive of their loved ones at the end of the year, while Mercury will have no effect on the baddest sign in the zodiac. At work, he'll be especially present with his colleagues, and will welcome new responsibilities with enthusiasm. Even better: December will be the best time to embark on a major creative project!

To ride the wave without being overwhelmed, Scorpio can count on Genius Skunk, a CBD flower that will bring him creativity and relaxation!


Capricorn - Purple Swag

At the beginning of winter, Capricorns will want to get closer to their partner, around common activities, or even by moving in together! At work, it's a different story: he'll miss a lot of attention, which could be detrimental to him. Fortunately, Mercury retrograde will help him to sort out his ideas and priorities. 

For this pivotal, love-filled time, Capricorn is likely to love Purple Swag, our must-have CBD flower for its seductive vapors and focus aid.


Aquarius - Fresh Range

For Aquarians, you will have to socialize: this month will be rich in meetings and opportunities. Mercury will be accompanied by an important awareness, which will mark the beginning of a whole new professional dynamic. This is the time to think things through, and to awaken your innate talents!

With the arrival of this second wind, we can only advise Aquarians to turn to the Fresh range and its breathtaking vapors.


Pisces - Fruitcake

With many signs on edge because of Mercury, Pisces will have to learn to accept people as they are rather than trying to improve their character at all costs. Faced with these difficult emotions, however, he will be able to rely on his intuition. At work, important changes are to come, including the possibility of key people leaving your team... The key to success? Honesty and endurance.

With these many challenges, Pisces will find great comfort in Fruitcake, which will allow him to approach things more serenely.


You now have the best advice to make the most of this month of December! We hope you'll find them useful, and we'll see you next month for the January horoscope! Until then, don't hesitate to visit us on instagram...  

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