What if your anime characters were consuming CBD?

Our Cannabis recommendations for Attack of Titans

It's a bit of a stretch, you'll tell us, but what if your favourite anime characters were consuming CBD products? A little flower here, a vape there... After all, they go through every possible adventure, but no one ever worried about their physical or mental health! We now know that CBD is full of benefits and has (almost) a solution to every problem (psst... you still haven't read our article about the benefits of cannabidiol?).

So we took a look at the anime that everyone is talking about at the moment - and even for several years: our dear Shingeki no Kyojin aka Attack of Titans. As die-hard fans of the anime (and the manga for some), we took a look at them. Our heroes of the Survey Corps deserve a chance to relax after all that effort to defeat the destructive threat of titans.

To carry out our mission, we decided to assign our CBD products to your favourite characters according to their needs. 

We don't know about you, but we're well into the anime, so we're indulging in a little !!SPOILER ALERT!! if you're not up to date, just to be on the safe side... Will you agree with us? Read on to find out! 


A CBD flower that doesn't reveal all its secrets to our main character


Let's start at the beginning, our dear Eren Jaeger (Jäger), the main character of the story. We are faced with a very complex evolution. A stubborn and difficult character in his youth, he grows up with a dilemma that sums up his entire journey: should he trust others or only himself?

His strong personality will fit in well with JokerKush, our colourful CBD flower full of surprises - just like him...  Its earthy, fruity and spicy flavour will make him feel good. We can feel him ... a little bit overcome …


A CBD oil with relaxing properties to soothe our soldier


Let's make room for our dear Mikasa, who is so divisive in the fandom. Where do you fit in? Eren's protective figure and often seen as his little "doggie", she knows how to keep her cool in any situation. To help her get over her migraines - we knew you'd forgotten about her migraines - we thought we'd offer her our CBD Relax oil, which is blackberry-scented and ideal for resting. With its relaxing properties from chamomile, lemon balm and passionflower, it's sure to do our little Mikasa good!


A breath of creativity for our dreamer


What better than Genius Skunk for our little genius? Quiet and pacifist by nature, he first wants to discover the outside world, what is hidden behind the walls. Caught up in reality, he is forced to abandon his dreamy kid's posture and take on that of a soldier of the 104th Cadet Corps. The relaxing effects of our CBD flower will be perfect to soothe Armin's overheated brain, the endocannabinoid receptors responsible for the production of dopamine in the body will be able to boost his creativity to help soldier succeed in his main mission: saving the world.


A colourful variety of CBD flowers for the coolest character


We think you've discovered Connie like we have: the impetuous, outgoing boy who, together with Sasha, forms the funniest duo in the series. Relaxing, soothing - especially in this climate of hellish war, colourful and above all full of good vibes, the Tuttifrutti is a perfect match for our little ray of sunshine, which is gradually fading away as time goes by. With this, he will be able to find the smile that is gradually fading from his face.


A concentrated range to represent an authority figure


Yes, well, for Jean, we decided to give him a whole range. The Focus range of vapour, drink and oil will be perfect for our leader-like soldier - that's why we recommend the whole thing. With his outspoken, sometimes very awkward - even mean - manner, Jean does not want to stand up to the titans at first. But he learns throughout his career to be an authority figure for new recruits. So the Focus range will be perfect to help him stay focused on what's really important.



A cocktail of flavours at the CGB for the strongest man in the world


Small in size, big in strength, our soldier definitely needs a holiday! Constantly bearing the title of "the strongest man in the world", we think he needs to recharge his batteries ... A real cocktail of sunny flavours, the Beach range - yes, we also offer him a complete range, he has earned it ... - will help him to make the most of the present moment, and to get going again thanks to the boosting power of CBG!


A noble flower for the queen of the walls


At Cakespace, we all agreed that our Queen of the Walls should have the famous and beautiful Purple Swag. Originally known as Christa Lenz, Historia is described as a fragile and caring girl. But behind this angelic face lies a strong and ambitious woman. Under her purple coat, which evokes the colours of nobility, our Purple Swag also holds many surprises, and will therefore be the perfect match for our sovereign... 



A spicy moonrock for a multi-faceted character


Erwin Smith: serious, brave, tall, (handsome), he had everything to be the perfect Scout Regiment commander. But that was without counting his Achilles heel, which cost him his life and his many men. For such a tough character, he needed a product with a lot of feeling: our Moonrock Ice White. Inspiring and relaxing, our moonrock will soothe this man who was forced to become a monster to save humanity.


The fruity touch of our moonrock for the armored titan


Reiner only ever wanted one thing: to make his mother proud. A Mahr warrior on a destructive mission, our beloved, powerful-looking armored titan is in reality a broken person. Tortured by the consequences of his crimes, Reiner will appreciate our Moonrock Ice Pink, which will help him to relax and rest thanks to its anti-insomnia properties. Stronger than a flower, its 39% CBD content will help him to fall asleep again, at least ... we hope so.



The power of a flower for a complex character


Devoted to his two fellow undercover agents, Reiner and Annie, Berthold is a quiet young man. Although his actions have caused a lot of harm to a lot of people, Berthold still thinks about his comrades. So what could be better than a flower filled with Gelato and CBG for even more intense effects? The Sky Rocket will perfectly match the character of our antagonist.


A comforting flower for an overly worried character


Grisha has not had an easy life. He loses his family twice and ends up being eaten by his own son. Our beloved dean, the Cannatonic, will give our devoted doctor a boost. Composed of Canna Lemon, which acts on the mood to provide a sense of comfort, as well as on pain, our flower with its subtle citrus taste will allow Eren's father to escape for a moment.





Eren's half-brother and Grisha's first son, Sieg is an antagonist who, at the beginning, only inspires us with hatred... A traitor at heart, he is one of the most complex characters, but we end up understanding him better with each revelation. What do we advise him to do? Absolutely nothing! But since we're nice people, we recommend our explosion of flavours: the Space Trim. Because being a titan, and especially the Beast, and having Levi as enemy number 1 is not the most restful, our blend of flowers with analgesic action will come to the end of the pain - even the strongest ... 


An intense hash for our favourite gourmand


Special mention to our little Sasha. Full of good vibes, she's our very own little sunshine! Her duo with Connie brings us joy and good humour, so we wanted to offer her a luxury product. And because we know that she is a woman of taste, and who loves to eat, we advise her our famous Black Afghan Gold with its 25% CBD. Relaxing and very exhilarating, this hash has the gift of opening the appetite, perfect for the legendary cravings of miss potato ... 



You didn't think we'd waste a paragraph on her, did you?

So what do you think of our selection? Which products would you have entrusted to your favourite characters?

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Shinzou wo Sasageyo,

The Cakespace Team