The worldwide CBD situation

What is the place of CBD in other countries?

After the announcement that was made at the end of last year, which caused controversy, we wondered what the status of CBD in the world was. Is it banned or on the contrary, is it finally finding its place in the recreational and therapeutic market? Safe for health and full of multiple benefits, CBD could help many people relieve their various physical and psychological ailments. Benefits that have been proven by numerous scientific studies. But without further ado, we give you an update on the situation of CBD in the world.

CBD in America

CBD in the USA

Although it may seem surprising, there was a time when CBD was banned in Uncle Sam's homeland. Divided into several states, 50 to be precise, each has its own laws. So it is from state to state that the legalisation of the therapeutic plant changes.On 20 December 2018, former US President Donald Trump legalised cannabis for industrial use at federal level with a low THC content (less than 0.3%) allowing CBD users to consume it and allowing local producers to be able to revive the American CBD trade.


CBD in Africa

CBD in Lesotho and Zimbabwe

While the majority of countries on the African continent formally prohibit cannabis on their respective territories, Lesotho is the first country to make the cultivation of hemp legal. This is followed by South Africa, which has also made cannabis consumption legal for both CBD and marijuana. Legalized in 2018, Zimbabwe has chosen to allow medical cannabis within its territory. Cannabidiol is notably available in the form of medicines. Rwanda has decided to follow the path of its neighbouring countries by legalising CBD, a market that the continent hopes will prosper.


CBD in Asia

CBD in China

Despite the country's restrictions, China legalised CBD a long time ago. However, it is not possible to consume it. Cannabidiol is only available to the general public. Unfortunately, on 28 May 2021, CBD was removed from cosmetic ingredients due to lack of regulations regarding the risk of THC. This is a step backwards for the Chinese community, but information is still lacking and CBD professionals are very mixed. This is a story to follow...


The CBD situation in France

What about France? After the change in legislation at the end of December, which we detailed here, we were eager to know the result of the European Council. Luckily for us, and obviously for you, the Council rejected the French government's request to ban CBD in France. But France decided otherwise by banning the sale of flowers, leaves and any product derived from the hemp plant. This "dodgeball" effect caused confusion among retailers.
So it's good to remind you, after all this commotion, of the essential points:

  • CBD is legal in France
  • The sale of flowers and leaves as well as any product from the hemp plant remains legal as long as the decree is suspended by the Council of State.

Basically, you don't have to worry, CBD with less than 0.3% THC is legal. You can enjoy your favourite molecule without worrying! We'll always be up to date in case of any changes from the government.

In the meantime,

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