The story behind 5 iconic Cannabis Strains

The story behind 5 iconic Cannabis Strains

You see them briefly on CBD flowers product sheets, but have you ever wondered where the names of cannabis strains come from? At Cakespace, we were curious, so we did our research to bring you the origins of five must-have genetics on the hemp market.

Purple Haze, the sixties’ brightest

The origins of the mythical genetic behind the Purple Swag

One of the most iconic cannabis strains on the market thanks to its sublime purple tint, Purple Haze was born in the sixties in Amsterdam thanks to the crossing of the Purple Thai and Haze genetics , but many wonder about the presence of a third, whose identity remains unknown to this day. 

But it is thanks to singer and musician Jimi Hendrix that Purple Haze became a legend. On December 17, 1966, the rocker composed his eponymous song in a London club. Considered a pioneer of hard rock, this song is characterized by a frenzied rhythm and blues sounds, but also references to the stimulating effects of this genetic on the brain. 

If you too want to discover this mythical strain, it is available on the shop under the name Purple Swag. A different name, for an equally monumental musical reference and the same effects on creativity and energy ... 


Wedding Cake, hybridization’s ultimate happy end

Discovering the strain of the Fruit Cake

Also known as Pink Cookies, Wedding Cake was born in sunny California at Seed Junky Genetics. It's the delicious aroma that evokes vanilla frosting and the soft buds that earned it its name. 

The recipe behind the Wedding Cake is more debated. For some, it would come from a crossing between Cherry Pie, a hybrid with dominant Indica, and the very famous Girl Scout Cookies. But others lend him an even more fascinating backstory. For them, Wedding Cake would have developed a phenotype (the observable characteristics of an individual) different from Triangle Mints T, from which it originated. Presented like that, you may not find it very exciting, but in reality, it is a rather exceptional phenomenon, which gives rise to many new unusual varieties!

What is sure, is that this genetics raked in many prices since, and that it keeps bringing people good vibes thanks to its relaxing and anti-pain effects that are most soothing. And if you want to try it, this is the variety we use for Fruit Cake!


Orange Bud, the most old school of the Cannabis strains

Rediscover this eighties legend thanks to Tuttifruitti

A staple of cannabis strains, Orange Bud first appeared in the 1980s, thanks to the hybridization of two Skunk strains. Created by Dutch Passion well before the arrival on the market of more refined genetics, Orange Bud is an old school flower which you can’t get tired of. Its asset? Very intense fruity flavours, both in smell and taste.

A variety full of freshness that you can find in the Tuttifrutti on our site, so you can take advantage of its effects on the mood and the pain as summer approaches!


Super Lemon Haze, the cannabis legend

A hybrid with an incomparable fragrance

Known for its fresh and acidulous aroma of lemon and citrus fruits, the Super Lemon Haze is the heir of the strains of Haze, created following numerous crossings in Santa Cruz in the years 1960-70. It is years later that two cultivators have the idea to mix two icons of the Cannabis, the Lemon Skunk and the Super Silver Haze... Result? One of the most famous and appreciated cannabis strains of all times.

Want to test this legend with delicious lemon flavors and effects both stimulating and relaxing, it's time to go see our Super Lemonhaze!


Bubble Gum, the dutch flavor explosion

Uncovering the genetic behind Blackberry

Originally developed by growers in Indiana, the Bubble Gum variety has settled in the Netherlands, where it has taken its letters of nobility and especially this inimitable taste of chewing gum. Delicately sweet and strawberry flavored, Bubble Gum has won many awards in recent years and given birth to many other varieties!

To enjoy the euphoric and soothing effects of this variety with unique flavors, don't hesitate to visit the shop and buy the Blackberry!


For our part, we hope this article has helped you learn more about these essential cannabis strains, and that we've given you something to show off at your next party... don't hesitate to tell us on instagram if you'd be interested in a sequel and to find us on the blog for more content related to CBD and Cannabis!

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