How to vape CBD Flowers

Our complete guide to vape CBD flowers

It is often repeated: it is rather advised to vape CBD flowers rather than to smoke them. Healthier, more effective, and even more economical, this CBD flowers consumption method seduces more and more people. But a question remains: how? At Cakespace, we have prepared a complete guide for you so that the CBD vaporization has no more secrets for you!

To vape CBD flowers, a method with many benefits

The ideal alternative to burning and tobacco

This is the image that we often have of cannabis, and yet it is not recommended to smoke hemp flowers. The combustion of the plant produces harmful substances and destroys a large part of its properties. And even if everyone is free to do what they want once at home, this mode of consumption is still illegal today. 

To vape CBD flowers is therefore an excellent alternative, not only legal, but also much healthier, because it preserves all the properties of the plant to inhale cannabidiol safely! 

For those who use tobacco, CBD helps to quit smoking because it helps relieve withdrawal symptoms while maintaining the gesture and activity of inhaling.

More bioavailability, more efficiency

As explained in our article on CBD dosing, inhalation is the mode of consumption with the highest bioavailability. Indeed, the inhaled CBD enters immediately in contact with the interior surface of the lungs, which is directly connected to the blood vessels. Thus, the molecule can take effect after only a few seconds. Ideal when you want to be relieved instantly! 

But for those who are into joints, starting to vape CBD flowers also saves money. By investing in a vaporizer, no need for leaves, tobacco, and other accessories to inhale flowers. Especially since with its high bioavailability, there is no need to consume a lot of CBD to feel the effects. And as the vaporizers are equipped with a tank which generally displays the quantities adapted for an ideal vapotage, it is even easier to dose!

The vaporizer, a staple to vape CBD flowers

How it works

To vape CBD flowers requires only one essential tool: a vaporizer. Often called vape, the vaporizer works according to a very simple principle: it heats a material (here, the flower) to extract its properties, (here, the cannabinoids and terpenes), which are returned in the form of vapor that the consumer can inhale. 

This is the fundamental difference between the vaporizer and a joint or a cigarette: unlike the latter, which produce smoke, it generates steam, which addresses much less the lungs.

The different types of vaporizers

If its principle is simple, the vaporizer can take many forms. Already, like the Montagues and Capulets, they are grouped into two large families. The first brings together the vaporizers for e-liquids, better known as vapes - we make very good ones by the way, if ever ... 

The second, on which we will focus in this article, includes the vaporizers of organic material. To vape CBD flowers, it is therefore necessary to make sure that it is suitable for dry herbs. 

But even within this family, there is a wide variety of vaporizers, for a whole range of needs and uses, such as living room vaporizers, lighter vaporizers, and especially portable vaporizers, which are both practical and affordable. 

The latter are themselves classified according to the type of heating. 

  • With conduction models, the flowers are placed directly in contact with the heat source. If you want to imagine the concept more simply, say that it is a bit like frying in a pan... It is probably the simplest method, but the heating is not uniform. It is therefore necessary to grind the flower thoroughly and to fill the tank completely, in order to place a maximum of material in contact with the walls, which act as a heat source.

  • The convection models will as for them heat the flowers via a net of hot air. It is the most qualitative method, because it allows to extract the cannabinoids in a softer and homogeneous way, and to better preserve the aromas and the active principles of the plant. To facilitate the displacement of the air in the device, it is even advised not to crush your flower so finely. 

  • Finally, hybrid units allow you to enjoy the benefits of both types of heating, with more even heating while saving energy.


Our advice to vape CBD flowers like a pro

The different steps of use

As for the use of the vaporizer, we reassure you: it is as simple as its operation! 

  • As mentioned in the previous section, you should start by grinding the flower depending on the type of heating of your device. 

  • Then you can place the flower in the tank of the vaporizer, packing it lightly. 

  • Then it's time to turn on the device and set the heating temperature

And that's it. Once your device tells you that the product is ready to be inhaled, all you have to do is start! However, we advise you not to draw too quickly on your vaporizer and to take longer puffs. This way, your throat will be less irritated and the effects more diffuse. 

When you're done, you can turn off your vaporizer and inhale one last time to cool down the device and avoid smells in your pocket. Then you can empty the tank and clean it.


The temperature, an essential element.

When buying your vaporizer, we advise you to choose a device where you can adjust the temperature manually, and not a version with predefined programs. Choosing the right temperature to vape CBD flowers is indeed very important. If it is too low, the flower will have difficulty evaporating. On the other hand, if it is too high, the hemp risks to burn and to emit the famous harmful substances which one tries to avoid. It is thus essential to vaporize only between 160 and 220°C. 

But that's still a pretty wide range. So to help you a little, know that a vaporization between 160 and 180°C allows to have more calming and euphoric effects, while a use between 190 and 220°C will be more effective to relieve intense pains, sleep problems and even depressive states.

You can also adjust the temperature according to the humidity level of your plant. If the flower is very dry, it will vaporize more quickly, and therefore requires a slightly lower temperature. But if on the contrary, it is too wet, the extraction of cannabinoids is likely to be more complicated. In this case, do not hesitate to begin by preheating your material between 130 and 150°C to prepare it for the vaporization.

Cleaning, a step not to be missed

To keep your device in good condition and ensure optimal vaporization, it is essential to clean it regularly. The good news is that they are quite simple to maintain. To do this, simply refer to the instructions for use, but if nothing is indicated, we advise you to simply remove the mouthpiece and clean the different parts with rubbing alcohol - it's quite easy to find, you'll see, then let the whole thing dry in the open air before storing it in a dry place until the next use. 

Now you have all the information to launch you serenely in the vaporization... there remains only one essential ingredient: to buy the right CBD flowers! For that, go to our store, and if you ever want more information, we can give you some advice to recognize a good quality flower! On our side, we’ll come back in no time with always more content in connection with our favorite molecule! 

Cake it easy,