How to make CBD chocolate: the easiest recipe

The quickest CBD chocolate recipe you’ll find

What if you changed your Easter habits to try CBD chocolate? After all, there's no reason why kids should be the only ones enjoying this holiday! Except that instead of looking for chocolate treasures, we're offering you a recipe with a completely different type of weed... wanna find out more? Then read on, because it couldn't be easier!

All you need to know about CBD chocolate

When you think about it, CBD and chocolate are kind of the perfect combo, as they are both consumed for their healing properties, but also for the simple pleasure they can provide... But before we get into our CBD chocolate recipe, we need to explain (or remind you) a few things!

Decarboxylation and fat: the two essentials of CBD cooking

If you choose to incorporate cannabidiol into your chocolate in the form of CBD flower, it is essential to heat it to activate the cannabinoids it contains, otherwise you will not feel much... this is called decarboxylation. Don't worry, the name may be complicated, but the process is quite simple: the ideal is to cook your flower in the oven at a hundred degrees, and for at least three quarters of an hour.

After its short stay in the oven, it is important to infuse the flower in a fat (oil, whole milk, butter, honey, etc.) for about ten minutes. Without that, the CBD will have more difficulties to be absorbed by your body!  

To learn more about decarboxylation and the importance of fat in CBD food, feel free to check out our article on CBD cooking!

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Cooking CBD oil

If you want to skip these two steps, there is a very simple alternative: CBD oil. Indeed, it is already made from heated flowers, and as the name suggests, it is already fat. All you need is to add a few drops to any recipe.

The only rule is to use a good quality oil. For that, you can always go read our tips on how to recognize a quality CBD oil

What are the effects of CBD chocolate?

When consumed in oral form, CBD must circulate throughout the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream. This is why it is believed to have a bioavailability (the amount of CBD that actually reaches the bloodstream) of 4 to 20%. 

If you want to learn more about bioavailability, you can also read our article on CBD dosing!

Due to its bioavailability, CBD takes longer to act in food: between one and three hours, depending on whether you have eaten or not. What is, however, very interesting is that the effects last much longer, sometimes up to six hours! 

Our CBD chocolate recipe

Now that you have all this information, you are ready to start our CBD chocolate recipe. To make it, you will only need two ingredients: chocolate and CBD oil or flower! Told you, could not be more simple…

Step 1: melt the chocolate

In order to incorporate cannabidiol in chocolate, it has to be liquid. We will therefore start by melting it. 

For this step, there are two paths: those who are motivated can melt it in a double boiler, by placing the candy in a bowl over a pan filled with water, and then stirring it gently until it is liquid. 

Then, there is a solution for slackers: the microwave. We are part of it, so we are not in no position to judge you... You just have to put the chocolate in the microwave at half its power (about 500W) and to keep a close eye on it while stirring regularly the preparation to avoid it burning.

Step 2: add CBD

And we've already reached our favorite step: mixing CBD with melted chocolate!

  • If you chose a flower, don't forget to decarboxylate and grind it (psssst... we make very nice grinders too...) before adding it to the preparation

  • If you chose an oil, it's even easier, because you just have to pour a few drops in the melted chocolate! Don't hesitate to play with the flavors of the oils for an even more original result: the peppermint of the Fresh, the blackberry scent of the Relax and the tropical accents of the Beach go very well with chocolate!

As for the dosage, it's up to you, depending on your consumption habits and the number of portions you want to make. If you need help choosing your dose, you'll find plenty of advice in our articles on dosing and on CBD cooking!


Step 3: pour the chocolate into the molds

Once you've mixed the chocolate with your oil or crushed flower, you can pour the liquid mixture into molds of your choice. And if you really feel like a great chef, you can sprinkle a crushed flower or topping (fruit, marshmallow, candy, etc.) on your chocolates while they are still warm! 

After that, all you have to do is put the molds in the refrigerator until the chocolate hardens. And as soon as they are solid again, it's time to unmold them, and most important, to taste them! 

On ne sait pas pour toi, mais de notre côté, toutes ces discussions autour du chocolat au CBD, ça nous a donné envie de préparer une petite fournée ! Si tu reproduis la recette, n’hésite pas à nous taguer sur l’instagram de Cakespace ! Tu peux aussi nous dire si tu es intéressé par d’autres recettes à base de CBD, ce n’est pas les idées qui manquent …

We don't know about you, but on our side, all this talk about CBD chocolate made us want to make a little batch! If you make the recipe, feel free to tag us on Cakespace's instagram! You can also tell us if you're interested in other CBD recipes, there's no shortage of ideas...  

By the way, you better stay tuned, because in a few days, we're releasing our own brand of chocolate and CBD marshmallows in collaboration with the great French chocolate chef François Daubinet!

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