Do CBD and medications are a good match?

The contraindication of CBD and medications


When it comes to CBD intake, people often wonder if CBD and medications are a good match. And it's true that it's important to think about this when starting to use CBD. As we like to remind you, CBD, whose full name is cannabidiol, is not a dangerous, toxic or psychotropic substance. 

On the contrary, CBD has a multitude of excellent benefits for the human body. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and other properties. You can find all its benefits in our article.

Moreover, some patients recommend taking CBD to relieve chronic pain, insomnia or anxiety. Let's see how to consume CBD with medication.

What is the contraindication for medication?

It is possible that in some cases, medications should not be given or taken for safety reasons. This is a very common situation and can occur in special circumstances such as allergy, a particular clinical diagnosis, pregnancy, ongoing drug treatment, and many others, the list is not exhaustive.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of the use of medications and the risks they may entail.

In the case of CBD, the dosage is important because it is not the same from one individual to another since many factors come into play. Indeed, for some people CBD use can be dangerous, while for others it can be a relief.

Some types of contraindications of CBD and drugs

Although it is not harmful to health, CBD can disrupt the action of some medications. According to a study by the Penn State College of Medicine in the United States, CBD products may interfere with up to 50 medications.

We have compiled a short list of the drugs concerned:

  • Antidepressants: amitriptyline, lofepramine, clomipramine

  • Oral contraceptives: ethinylestradiol

  • Analgesics: fentanyl

  • Sedatives: propofol

  • Anticoagulants: acenocoumarol and warfarin

  • Thyroid medications: levothyroxine

Using CBD with these medications can reduce their effectiveness as well as cause side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, confusion or increased cardiovascular risk. It is therefore important to inform your doctor in advance of your CBD consumption to avoid any type of risk.

Drugs that can be replaced by CBD

CBD is known to have soothing properties and is a natural painkiller with no side effects. Acting on the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system present in the human body, CBD has a direct effect on pain and the nervous system.

It has been proven by various studies to be effective against burn-out, anxiety and depression. Moreover, it is highly recommended in cosmetics thanks to its action on the skin.

In addition to having positive effects on the body, CBD can become a great natural alternative to the consumption of drugs sometimes considered too dangerous.

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CBD and neurological disorders

CBD has a very strong potential for neurological disorders as it can be used to relieve the treatment of epilepsy, for example. It acts as a sedative, which prevents pain, without making the user "stoned" or unable to move. It can calm agitation in a person suffering from Parkinson's disease or is beneficial for a patient suffering from schizophrenia. It has an action on the symptoms of the latter preventing the patient from being overwhelmed by his emotions.

CBD against opioids

Opioids are natural or synthetic substances that act on the areas of the brain responsible for pain control, which is why they are also called "psychoactive". Opioids produce an analgesic effect and cause euphoria. 

Gradually, opioids become an addiction and dependency.

CBD can become a good alternative against this addiction.

We tell you more about it in our article on sports.

CBD and sleeping pills

CBD has beneficial effects on insomnia and sleep. Indeed, stress and anxiety are, for the most part, the cause of insomnia. Thanks to its relaxing action, CBD allows your body to rest without feeling weak. It can, in addition to the long list already mentioned above, regulate homeostasis, i.e. the body's natural balance. It therefore affects various parameters of the body such as breathing, heart rate and body temperature.

CBD has many virtues to relieve the human body. It is a safe and natural alternative. However, it is important to know if it can be consumed together with another product. We strongly advise you to ask your doctor's advice if you use it.

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