CBD for Cannes Film Festival 2022: our top 5 products

Our selection of CBD for Cannes Film Festival 2022: the best oils and vapes

What if this year, we took CBD for Cannes Film Festival 2022? A 75th edition that promises to be yet dazzling again, with its selection of 21 films... and to discover them once they are released in theaters, what better than a good dose of CBD oil or a few puffs of your favorite CBD vape to appreciate these feature films the right way? Rather than waiting for the name of the Palme d’Or winner, we at Cakespace have decided to offer you our own selection of CBD products to live the experience to the fullest, even without going on the red carpet...

5 CBD lines, and as many sensations

The result of a huge work on sensations

Because CBD is not limited to flowers, we also offer vapes, oils and even CBD drinks (which will return in a few weeks on the shop, just sayin’...), divided into 5 lines. In addition to having each their own aesthetic and universe, these five lines also have unique formulations, with their own combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. The result? Each line provides a very specific feeling ... 

And while preparing this selection of CBD for Cannes Film Festival 2022, we realized that with their different personalities and universes, there was a range to enjoy each film in a unique way! 

Beach: a sunny range to live in the moment

A summer CBD to illuminate the Cannes Film Festival 2022

The lineWith its fresh and sweet scent of vanilla and coconut, the Beach range will take you to summer whatever the season! Mixing the relaxing power of limonene with the good mood effect of vanilla and CBG, Beach oil and vape are great to brighten up any situation ... and the best part is, it’s rich in vitamin E, so they even protect from the sun!

Our  selectionWith its relaxing terpenes, Beach helps us appreciate the beauty of the moment. A state of mind that fits perfectly with films like Le otto montagne, which tells the story of a friendship that endures the years, or Hi-Han (Eo), an ode to the beauty of the world from the eyes of a donkey. Thanks to its mood-enhancing effects, it can even brighten up difficult moments. It would therefore be ideal in front of Un petit frère, a portrait of an Ivorian family on their arrival in France. A summer cocktail, this range is perfect for brightening up dramas under the sun such as Triangle of Sadness, an intimate movie set on a yacht, or even The Stars at Noon, the story of a young journalist trapped in Nicaragua. 


Feel: CBD products to awake the senses

When CBD fuels passion

The lineWith the Feel, Cakespace heats things up by offering a range that reinvents the codes of sensuality. Delicately perfumed with lychee and Damascus rose, the Feel oil and vape have the particularity of combining the soothing virtues of linalool with a mixture of ginger and red ginseng, two plants known to stimulate desire and intensify pleasure. Well beyond its aphrodisiac action, the Feel puts the senses on alert to live each moment more intensely.

Our SelectionWhat’s better than a sensual range to appreciate the passions of the characters, like that of Tchaikovsky's Wife, a spouse consumed by her feelings that gradually turn to obsession, or Decision to Leave, the story of a detective irresistibly attracted to the main suspect of a murder case. With this new dimension of sensuality and feelings, the Feel is ideal to appreciate Les Amandiers, a film about a theater group in the 1980s that will make you relive the first emotions of youth. Because beyond its aphrodisiac effects, this range can also help you to be more in tune with what you feel, a nice analogy for Armageddon Time, centered on the director's youth in Queens at the age of Fred Trump... 


Focus: a sharp mind thanks to Cannabidiol

CBD for Cannes Film Festival 2022 and its complex plots

The lineUnder its delicate aroma of red fruits, the Focus hides an explosive mixture which will know how to wake up your potential: a little gingko to reinforce intellectual faculties, while the bacopa and the lion's mane reinforce concentration and the memory. So many properties that make Focus vape and oil the perfect CBD products to kill long hours of work or boost creativity. The bonus? The stimulating properties of CBG, to meet all challenges. 

Our selection. Thanks to its stimulating power and its effect on concentration, Focus is the ideal product line to follow complex plots with plenty of twists and turns. What better way to understand the power struggles in Boy from Heaven, decipher the disturbing sci-fi world in Crimes of the Future, or even unravel the mystery of the stormy relationship in Brother and Sister than with a good dose of Focus. But the range can also stimulate creativity, as in Showing Up, in which an artist uses her daily life to imagine her next opening.


Fresh: a refreshing range to calm the spirits

When CBD lightens the mood

The lineBetween its fresh peppermint scent and its dose of airway-clearing eucalyptus, the Fresh line is the perfect herbal and CBD cocktail to take the air. Its CBD vape and CBD oil also provide deep relaxation thanks to limonene, while rosemary soothes aches. A complete range to bring a wind of freshness to your daily life. 

Our selectionWith its refreshing allure and soothing properties, Fresh helps to follow the heaviest of plots, such as Holy Spider and its gripping investigation, or Tourment sur les Îles, which depicts the tense atmosphere of an island on the brink of implosion. But this range also helps to soften difficult moments, bringing a little lightness in Broker, the story of a couple who take in an abandoned child, or in Tori and Lokita, which follows two friends facing exile. 


Relax: the best CBD products to unwind

CBD for Cannes Film Festival 2022 and a worry-free projection

The lineJust like its name, this range was created with one objective in mind: relaxation. Thanks to its extracts of camomile, which helps fall asleep, and lemon balm, which ensures a restful sleep, the Relax range is the perfect solution to insomnia. It even contains a cannabinoid specially designed for relaxation: CBN. Added to this is passionflower and terpinolene, two components that help clear the airways while soothing pain. Result? A cocktail of plants filled with relaxation.

Our selectionThanks to its powerful relaxing potential, the Relax range is particularly useful for tackling heavy dramatic plots with more serenity. There's nothing like a few drops of the oil or a good puff of Relax vape for Leila's Brothers, an Iranian family drama, or R.M.N., to bring some peace to a community in the grip of explosion. With Nostalgia, CBD could even help the main character deal with the past in a more peaceful way, while Close could bring some comfort to these two teenagers eager to rebuild their friendship.


With this selection of CBD products, you are ready to enjoy this 2022 edition! Do not hesitate to give us your own pairing ideas or to give us your opinion on the film that will win the Palme d’Or. For that, just join us on instagram! For our part, we're heating up the popcorn, and we'll see you soon with new contents related to our favorite molecule!

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