CBD and music : the role of cannabis in the musical experience

How CBD and music are linked

Between Jimi Hendrix's Purpe Haze and the iconic Young, Wild and Free by Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Bruno Mars, it's clear that cannabis has a prominent place in the music world ... but what about the link between CBD and music? Does it have the same creative impact as its cousin, THC? Does it bring that same dimension to the musical experience, making sounds richer and more intense? At Cakespace, we decided to investigate.

CBD and music: how cannabidiol can help musicians

Cannabis and music have a long history. As early as the beginning of the 20th century, many jazzmen such as Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillepsie used it regularly to improve their improvisation skills. What if CBD could fulfill the same role?

The ideal plant to boost your creativity

Because before playing a song, you have to write it! And that's good, because the first pillar that makes the relationship between CBD and music so beneficial is creativity. 

In fact, researchers at UC Berkeley found that consumption of the famous molecule increased blood flow in the frontal lobe, the brain region responsible for creativity. And this is no small thing, as the frontal lobe is responsible for divergent thinking, which allows us to innovate and explore new ideas. CBD would therefore be ideal for artists in need of inspiration. 

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Beyond creativity, cannabidiol can accompany the long work sessions that go hand in hand with creation thanks to its stimulating properties. On the one hand, it can provide the energy boost needed to keep up the pace, but it can also promote concentration. 

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More performant on stage thanks to cannabidiol?

Being a musician often involves performing on stage, a situation that can be stressful for many. While most artists are able to overcome this fear over time, others may need a little extra help to face the crowd. 

This time, the link between CBD and music may be much more obvious to you. The relaxing properties of the molecule can indeed perfectly adapt to the stage fright of the musicians. For that, nothing better than a CBD flower like the Fruit Cake or the products of our Beach range!

But the effects of CBD on concentration can also be useful on stage, helping musicians to avoid distractions and focus on their performance.

Less inflammations, more songs!

Playing music also means putting your body to the test. For drummers, guitarists and other musicians, doing the same movements for hours on end can cause muscle pain. Even vocal cords can become inflamed after long hours of singing. 

The good news is that CBD is known and recommended for its action on pain. Considered as a muscle relaxant, it effectively relieves cramps and aches for an effective recovery after exercise. It is also believed to have significant anti-inflammatory properties, the molecule acting on pain signals while accelerating healing thanks to its regenerative properties. 

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A solution to musicians’ blues?

Whether it's heightened sensitivity or pressure from the general public, it's a well-known fact: artists are more prone to depression than the average person. Where many turn to antidepressants or self-medication, CBD is gradually emerging as a promising alternative thanks to its effects on mood and depression. 

Not content with stimulating the production of serotonin and dopamine, the hormones of happiness and satisfaction, our favorite molecule also acts on related physiological processes such as sleep, appetite or sexual desire, which contribute to a better lifestyle and a better mood.

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How CBD improves the musical experience

In addition to being the muse of many musicians, cannabis is also said to have an effect on how the audience will receive the music. It is not for nothing that the fans of the Grateful Dead group have contributed to popularize 420...

Cannabidiol improves listening

The way cannabidiol promotes concentration doesn't just benefit musicians. By boosting cognitive abilities while eliminating distractions, it also allows for better listening. Thus, music lovers are more attentive to the details of a song: the meaning of the lyrics, the arrangements, the rhythm, etc. 

On the one hand, these cognitive properties help specialists to produce a better analysis. But it may simply allow someone to see a song in a different light. Maybe you never noticed the beauty of that interlude or the meaning of that verse ... 

To enjoy the music better

But beyond the technical details of a piece, music appeals to a much deeper and elusive part of our being. Music is something to be appreciated, something to be experienced, quite simply. 

By promoting a better mood and a more serene mind, CBD also helps to better enjoy the musical experience, which makes us more receptive to what we are listening to and helps us to get in the mood: emotions are more intense and we react to them with all the more strength. 

We don't know about you, but talking about music makes us want to start a little playlist to vibe with friends... anyway, we hope this article will interest you, if so, don't hesitate to join us on instagram to tell us or share your musical experiences with CBD. As for us, we will find you soon for more content on our favorite molecule!

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