CBD and Astrology: Your November Horoscope

CBD and Astrology: what's going on in the November horoscope

On ne sait pas si tu es au courant mais chez Cakespace, on a deux passions : CBD et astrologie. On t’avait déjà dressé une liste des produits au CBD qu’on recommandait à chacun des douze signes astrologiques.

C’est donc une évidence pour nous de te conseiller nos produits pour passer un très bon mois de novembre, car, selon les prévisions, tout le monde ne vas pas finir son année sur une note douce et paisible … Selon les astres, le mois de novembre risque d’être très compliqué avec, en prime, de gros changements qui pourraient ouvrir la porte à un nouveau chapitre dans ta vie.

Bon… nous aussi ça ne nous fait pas plaisir d’entendre ça, mais ne t’inquiète pas, on va t’épauler ! Voici les produits au CBD qu’on te recommande selon ton signe astrologique.

CBD et Astrologie : ce qu’on te conseille pour ton mois de novembre

BÉLIER - L’HUILE SUBLINGUALE FOCUS. Pour atteindre tous tes objectifs !

In this article CBD and Astrology, a rather mixed month of November in love for our dear Aries, on the professional side, it seems that luck smiles at you! The Focus oil will be your everyday companion. Concentration and relaxation, what better way to get your promotion


TAUREAU - L'HUILE SUBLINGUALE FEEL. Lorsque s’entremêlent les cœurs

If everything is going well on the professional side, there will be some confusion in the blue sky of love on the heart side. With a sense of renewal, dating will be the order of the day in November. And to help you excel, let yourself be tempted by the delicious lychee-scented aphrodisiac range, and let the temperature rise!


GÉMEAUX - TUTTIFRUTTI. Un repos bien mérité !

This November marks a time of rest and relaxation. Despite the fact that you love it when things get busy, it's time for you to step back and rest. And just like your sign, Tuttifrutti will be excellent. With its sun-drenched citrus flavours and good vibes, this CBD flower will be a perfect combo for you. Fruit, CBD and Astrology, what more could you ask for?


CANCER - GENIUS SKUNK. La créativité nécessaire pour tout réussir !

Awareness, sharpened focus and fruitful work, November is full of surprises and good news. It's time to take the lead and show what you can do. You'll enjoy Genius Skunk to accompany you during November, giving you the creativity and power to take on all your missions!


LEO - RELAX SUBLINGUAL OIL. Don't panic, everything will work out!

With new encounters on the horizon, a special encounter could lead to your soul mate. And despite a lot of movement in November, you'll be much more stable by the end of the month. Relax CBD oil will be your best ally in keeping you stress-free.


VIERGE - HASH HHC. Une nouvelle gamme de produits pour relever tous les défis.

If everything is going well with love, this November will be marked by the desire to surpass yourself and take on any challenge! What we recommend to our little virgin is our new product: HHC. Full of good vibes and very relaxing, this hash has all the cards in hand to make you have the best time.


BALANCE - PURPLE SWAG. Une fleur à l’image de ce signe.

A month that heralds organization, you will want to get your ideas straight and support your efforts. You'll have some very useful meetings, but be careful with money... And for this sign linked to elegance, Purple Swag will fit you like a glove! This flower sharpens the mind and will bring you all the inspiration you need.


SCORPION - HASH RED LEBANESE. Ne pas te laisser perturber, prends du bon temps.

Luck is smiling on your professional and personal side this November - could it be a coincidence? New encounters and changes can be disruptive and you will have to improvise. Thanks to its effects on concentration, this CBD concentrate will be perfect for you. Not to mention its very relaxing effect, which gives you a zest for life!


SAGITTAIRE - SUPER LEMONHAZE. Le plus chill du mois (la chance)...

A great romance coming up in November, with a seductive vibe thanks to Venus, and a very positive energy. A month that promises to be rather chill and problem-free, it's time to enjoy it! The stimulating and soothing side of our CBD Super Lemonhaze flower will accompany you as you prepare for your birthday!


CAPRICORN - L’HUILE SUBLINGUALE BEACH. Laisse-toi aller avec notre huile ensoleillée.

November is going to be a fruitful month for work and a harmonious month for love, so you can be satisfied and put your feet up at last. You'll have earned it! And what better way to chill out than with Beach oil, with its sunny, coconut flavour!


VERSEAU - COSMIC HAZE. Découvre de nouveaux horizons !

Don't get impatient too quickly in this month of November. Don't hesitate to grab every opportunity, it would surely be the solution to start a new chapter. Our Cosmic Haze CBD flower is the way to fly to new horizons. The result? The beginning of a new adventure.


POISSON - FRUITCAKE. Une fleur qui n’annonce que du bonheur.

With Jupiter coming back in force - if you understand a little, this is very good news! A chance to do whatever you want to do, professionally or even romantically! With its Californian vibes, Fruit Cake is perfect for you!


Un mois de novembre qui semble être très bien pour les uns mais un peu compliqué pour les autres. Le maître-mot est de prendre du temps pour soi et de se relaxer ! Si cet article t’a plu, fais-le nous savoir sur les réseaux sociaux, on t’en fera d’autres !

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