CBD and Astrology: The Best CBD Flower according to your Zodiac Sign


Want to know which Cakespace CBD flower might match your zodiac sign? After all, everyone has their own way of choosing their genetics... You want to take the plunge, but you don't know which variety would suit you? You are looking for new varieties to fall in love with at your next purchase? Or, after determining your Hogwarts house and MBTI personality type, you want a new indicator to define yourself? Then read on to find out which CBD flower to use according to your zodiac sign!

Of course, no one can correspond 100% to an astrological sign. Most people limit themselves to the star sign because it is the one on which the horoscopes we see in magazines are based. But our personality and potential depend on the position of other planets, stars and astronomical elements, (the moon, the ascendant, mercury, venus, etc.) which are summarized in the birth chart. Thus, one can have his sun in one sign, his ascendant in another, and a moon in a third star sign. Each person is therefore unique because his or her natal chart is a unique combination of placements. Feel free to choose your next cannabis flower according to your moon sign, your ascendant or the rest of your natal chart!

Aries - Super Lemon Haze: a CBD flower full of energy for the first zodiac sign.


Nothing like a CBD flower with a strong character for the first zodiac sign! With its both lemony and spicy pefume, the Super Lemonhaze is a surprising genetic, which does not pass unnoticed. A description which corresponds perfectly to this sign who hates to be bored and will know how to appreciate this mixture of freshness, acidity, sweetness and spiciness. Full of vitamin C and yellow like the sun, the lemon is also the perfect fruit to satisfy the energy and impulsiveness of the Aries natives. The little extra? Just like this very optimistic sign, this hemp flower has positive effects on the mood! 

Taurus - Tuttifrutti: a fruity CBD flower for the #1 foodie of the zodiac.


It's not just a cliché: being an earth sign, Taurus loves to enjoy the small pleasures of life. Rest and good food, and that's all it takes to keep them happy! That's why Tuttifrutti is the ideal CBD flower for this zodiac sign. Its fruity and sweet taste will satisfy his greedy palate. Its relaxing effects and its evocative name will be as for them the best ally of their long breaks... Appreciated for their patience and their warm nature, Taurus natives will be able only to find themselves in this relaxing and full of good mood variety.

Gemini - Purple Swag and Super lemon: two CBD flowers for the two-faced zodiac sign...


To illustrate the duality of this astrological sign, we had to choose two CBD flowers! Very gifted in communication, Gemini knows how to easily adapt to people and situations. With their stimulating effects, these two Cakespace flowers are very useful to help him to hold this double life... Let’s add the inspiring virtues of the Purple Swag to flatter his artistic fiber. The mood-enhancing effects of Super Lemon will also be a great resource to brighten up this busy social life!

Cancer - Joker Kush: a comforting CBD flower for a very shy zodiac sign…


Just like Joker Kush, which hides fruity notes behind an earthy taste, Cancer is often very shy, revealing its bright personality only to its closest friends. But when you get to know them, Cancer is like the explosion of colors that is Joker Kush. Very sensitive, the most beautiful quality of this zodiac sign is its ability to feel emotions in all their complexity, just like this genetic, whose effects are as subtle as they are powerful. The comforting and positive action of this Cakespace novelty allows to sublimate the homey and affectionate nature of this astrological sign. 

Leo - Sky Rocket: all the power of the CBG flower for the most impressive zodiac sign!


What’s better for the zodiac sign with the most imposing personality than our CBG flower, more powerful than its CBD cousins? A fire sign ruled by the Sun, the lion is impulsive by nature, and will completely relate to the spicy taste and tangy notes of Sky Rocket. The effects of this CBG flower are a welcome echo to the protective attitude of the natives of this constellation. This genetics is also known to open the appetite, ideal for the hearty eaters that are the lions! 

Virgo - Fruit Cake: a CBD flower full of delicacy for the most demanding zodiac sign.


For such a demanding zodiac sign, it is essential to consume a delicate CBD flower, resulting from a meticulous selection work. The Fruit Cake is thus perfect for Virgo natives. Often complimented for their intelligence and attention to detail, Virgos love to take care of their friends. A quality that fits the Fruit Cake, which evokes the cakes that we ate as an after-school snack... But underneath all this zeal and dedication, this sign hides a very anxious nature, which our hemp flower will be able to soothe thanks to its relaxing effects and its anti-insomnia action.

Libra - Purple Swag:  a CBD flower with a pretty color for the most charismatic zodiac sign.


With its elegance and natural charisma, Libra is a perfect analogy for Cakespace's Purple Swag. After all, only a star sign that likes to take care of its appearance will appreciate the unique hue of this CBD flower... Its effects on concentration will be of great help for this sign so often criticized for its indecisiveness. Inspiring, the Purple Swag will also be perfect to boost its creativity. Much more intelligent and profound than it seems, the natives of this sign will finally find a great ally in this flower, which hides a lot of power and complexity under its delicate appearance. 

Scorpio - Genius Skunk: an intense CBD flower for the most passionate astrological sign. 


What do Genius Skunk and Scorpio have in common? Their limitless intensity. Extremely passionate, this astrological sign will appreciate this CBD flower symbolized by a creature as powerful as mysterious and its pronounced fragrances. Scorpio is also considered the most spiritual sign, like the magical creature on the Genius Skunk packaging. But underneath the harsh and threatening exterior, Scorpio is actually a very sensitive and empathetic person and will therefore appreciate the earthy smell of this hemp flower, which gives way to a delicate lemon scent once in the mouth. 

Sagittarius - Cosmic Haze: a CBD flower with tropical favors for a zodiac sign looking for adventures…


With an aesthetic that evokes the depths of space, this CBD flower is like an expedition, worthy of the most adventurous astrological sign. With a taste for travel and an inability to stay put, Sagittarius will be very sensitive to Cosmic Haze's tropical green color and pineapple flavor. The soothing and comforting effects of this CBD flower match the optimistic and confident nature of this zodiac sign.

Capricorn - Cannatonic: a timeless CBD flower for the most conservative astrological sign.


An ancient and staple variety, Cannatonic is the ideal CBD flower for a traditional and conservative astrological sign like Capricorn. Known for its calm and stability, Capricorn will particularly appreciate the relaxing and anti-insomnia effects of this genetics. As for flavors, the earthy taste of the Cannatonic, which hides a hearty pineapple and citrus fruits heart, is the perfect illustration of this sign, with its very cold appearance, which reveals their imagination only to their closest friends.

Aquarius - Space Trim : an original CBD product for the most eccentric zodiac sign!


Only an air sign with a personality as curious and open-minded as Aquarius’ can appreciate the diversity of Space Trim. A mix of leaves, flowers and pistils, this Cakespace product is to flowers what this sign is to the zodiac: a unique personality, and enough pride to celebrate it! But underneath their relaxed appearance, this zodiac sign is very anxious. Good thing this product is a mix of good humor and relaxation...

Pisces - Blackberry: a lunar CBD flower for the most dreamy astrological sign ...


The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is not to be outdone when it comes to creativity. The Blackberry and its stimulating effects will be very useful to them to express their artistic talent. Their strong sensitivity also makes them a very sensitive person, who is easily hurt. In these cases, there is nothing like a soothing and relaxing flower like the Blackberry! Dreamer and idealist, the Pisces will finally be very sensitive to its taste of forest fruits and to its starry packaging... 

How about it? Are you a Cannatonic with a Genius Skunk rising or a Joker Kush with a moon in Tuttifrutti? Come and tell us on Cakespace's social networks! If you liked this article, and would like to see more like it - how about a numerology or Chinese astrology version? - don't hesitate to share it, in the meantime, we'll see you soon for new content related to CBD! 

Cake It Easy, 

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