CBD and alcohol: the benefits against alcoholism

CBD and alcohol: can they go together?

CBD and alcoholism

In France, nearly forty thousand people die as a result of alcoholism. Unfortunately, this number is constantly increasing. Like some drugs, alcohol affects the human reward and pleasure system. Alcohol addiction can become a nightmare for the user and those around him. Hundreds of techniques and tricks exist to combat alcoholism, but sometimes they may not be effective.

Studies have shown that CBD can act against addictions. Could it be the key to alcoholism? Do CBD and alcohol mix? We will tell you about it below.

What is alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a serious addiction disorder. The main addictive substance is the ethanol in alcohol.

There are different ways of drinking and different types of drinkers. Some people associate alcohol with partying, going out on the terrace and special occasions, while for others, drinking is no longer a pleasure but has become a need.

A need that becomes a daily occurrence and sometimes leads to an inability to keep control of the user's drinking. Unfortunately, this addiction to alcohol does not end with a loss of control. It can usually lead to much more serious consequences for physical and mental health.

Alcoholism can be recognised by several symptoms:

  • regular and large-scale consumption of alcohol
  • Inability to control alcohol consumption
  • Consumption that becomes a craving

Sometimes it becomes responsible for the death of the consumer.

The effects of alcohol on the human body can be serious and irreversible, if the consumption is excessive. In this case, it is the liver that will be affected by this addiction. In order for it to function properly, it needs a sufficient quantity of water. Alcohol is a natural diuretic and therefore cannot hydrate this vital organ. Furthermore, once alcohol reaches the liver, it produces toxic enzymes called ethanal, a substance responsible for major damage such as cirrhosis.

This is where CBD comes in to help you with this addiction. We explain how CBD and alcohol work together.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a molecule in the hemp plant. CBD has been proven to be a great companion for humans and to improve your daily life. Between its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic and antioxidant properties, CBD has many strings to its bow. Whether it's in cooking, cosmetics or after a workout, CBD can solve your problems.

But how does CBD work on your body? It's as simple as that.

In every human body there is an endocannabinoid system. In this system there are CB1 and CB2 receptors that allow CBD to act on your body, especially on areas of pain, stress or happiness. It will therefore have an effect on the various problems you may encounter, such as depression, anxiety and chronic illnesses.

Moreover, with its advent, experts are recommending it more and more because of the benefits it can bring to your daily life.

CBD cannabidiol

Studies on CBD and alcohol

Some laboratory studies on rats have shown that it is possible to reduce addiction symptoms and help withdrawal with CBD.

Also, a much more recent study has demonstrated the different effects of CBD on rats with alcohol dependence.

The results? CBD significantly reduced alcohol consumption, prevented relapse and reduced the patients' desire to consume alcohol.

CBD and alcohol: countering addiction?

It is becoming common to use CBD to fight against withdrawal effects, as for heroin addicts, for example. For some, CBD is becoming the solution to help them in their withdrawal programme. It is also very promising for CBD and alcohol.

In the case of the alcoholic, when alcohol is consumed to excess, the receptors of the endocannabinoid system are activated and act on the brain (just like CBD). Once the person stops drinking, the various withdrawal symptoms occur.

This is why people with alcoholism are turning to CBD. As a neuroprotective agent that acts on the brain, CBD helps to restore calm during a withdrawal episode. The added bonus of our dear miracle molecule is that it makes no distinction between an advanced state of addiction or not. If you have been addicted to alcohol for 5 months or 20 years, CBD will act in the same way.

However, more research is needed to confirm the therapeutic value of CBD and alcohol, but initial reports are very positive.

What we recommend is that you or the person you are trying to stop drinking alcohol should take CBD sublingually in the morning, so that the urge to take a drink is reduced as soon as possible.

If you or the person you wish to help is not under the care of a doctor, then we advise you to consult a health professional about the benefits of CBD before you start taking cannabidiol.

    CBD can do many things to combat alcohol by helping you to control alcohol abuse, reduce its consumption and its harmful effects, but above all it relieves the symptoms of withdrawal. Day by day, CBD will continue to surprise us! It's incredible, isn't it?

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