Can you travel with CBD on the plane?

Can you travel with CBD on a plane?

Holidays are often synonymous with fun, relaxation and rest. Just like cannabidiol! By the beach, with your favourite flower, what could be better? However, is this sulphurous-looking flower, because of its strong resemblance to its cousin THC, suitable for transport by plane? And above all, what do you risk if you are stopped by customs? We tell you everything in this article.

Travelling with CBD, how does it work?

First of all, it is important to know the regulations of the country you are going to. Although CBD is not considered a drug in Europe, elsewhere it may not be accepted or even worse, considered illegal. You could therefore be arrested by the local authorities.

Travelling in Europe with CBD

Travelling with CBD in Europe is quite simple. However, make sure you keep the certificate with you that clearly states that you are in possession of CBD and not a THC flower. The best way to avoid problems is to travel with an unopened bag, as a show of good faith - and to avoid long queues at customs.

It is not forbidden to travel with CBD in any form or strength, however, getting through security may be more complicated. For example, if a police dog senses that you are in possession of CBD flower but cannot tell the difference between cannabidiol and THC, this could lead to a more thorough check. More thorough means a delay, which could cause you to miss your flight.


Travelling outside Europe

The first piece of advice we give you before you buy your ticket to a country outside Europe is to find out about the country's CBD reforms. Although it is safe for the body and, on the contrary, beneficial to health, in some countries it is strictly forbidden to consume CBD in any form! It is therefore important to inform yourself before travelling. We advise you not to carry any to avoid any risk of fines or even worse, imprisonment!

It is possible to buy it directly in the country if the country allows it, but don't forget that the laws can change from one border to another.


How to travel with CBD

The first step is to find out about the country you are arriving in: its laws, reforms and especially air travel. Just because the countries of departure and arrival allow the consumption of CBD does not mean that air travel is legal! Make sure you look into this.


Then, remember to bring a tax receipt and a certificate attesting to the origin of the hemp. You can find them directly on our product sheets on our website.


Finally, as with any liquid product, if you travel with oil, be sure to check its capacity, it would be a shame to have it thrown away at customs for non-compliance. Above all, it is important to note that from one country to another, the capacity of a liquid product can change.

The advantages of CBD on a plane

Not all of us are comfortable flying. Here are some positive points about taking CBD on a plane.

Helps you fall asleep

As anyone who flies should know, sleeping on a plane is uncomfortable and sometimes impossible for some. In addition, not sleeping can sometimes lead to jetlag and make future sleep cycles difficult. Cannabidiol is known to promote sleep and make it more pleasant.

Reduces stress

One of the most recognized benefits of CBD is stress reduction. For those of you who are uncomfortable on planes, this could be your holy grail! Consuming CBD before you get on the plane will help you feel comfortable and help you overcome the apprehension of flying.

Effective against anxiety attacks

Being locked up for several hours in a place as closed as a plane can trigger an anxiety attack. Of course, it's not your fault. CBD could help you cope with anxiety and avoid these attacks.

Relieve joints

It's a well-known fact - unless you're travelling in business class - that sitting for hours without being able to stretch your legs is really uncomfortable. Between the legs not moving, the neck, the hard seat, you name it, it's not a game for your body at all. CBD can help you relieve physical pain, just like after a good workout, and give you the comfort you need.

The little extra point

For those with sensitive skin, it is known that during a long journey your skin can become dry. You can take with you a CBD cream which is very good for the skin. We tell you about it here

What products should I take?

We strongly recommend that you take CBD oil with you. It's easy to carry, effective for several hours and can be taken an hour before you leave because it goes directly into your bloodstream. So avoid flowers and resin, for safety's sake.

You will have understood it well! Firstly, do your research on the country of destination and its air transport is legal, then prefer oils to other products, finally if everything is good on your side and transport, enjoy your product!Don't hesitate to join us on our different social networks for more fun content!

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