Mixing Cannabis Strains: our complete guide

Our advice on mixing cannabis strains

If you've ever found yourself with leftover flowers to finish, or if you sometimes have trouble choosing which CBD flower to use, we've got good news for you: mixing cannabis strains is possible! But be careful, unless you want to end up with some weird mixtures, we have a complete guide for you…

Mixing cannabis strains: a new way to experiment CBD

The weed salad concept

While there are many terms for what we're about to decipher with you (spring mix, gumbo, etc.), mixing cannabis strains is often called weed salad

The term refers to the mixing of flowers in order to smoke or vaporize them, but theoretically, nothing prevents you from experimenting in cooking or with oils if you’re feeling adventurous... 

Often, we start experimenting with weed salads when we get to the end of a pack of CBD flowers and don't want to waste it. Just like when we want to finish the leftovers of the fridge and we find ourselves with food associations that are sometimes unusual. 

But far from improvising, it can also be a very good opportunity to discover new tastes and flavors, or even to develop something that you will find even better.

The potential of the entourage effect

In addition to CBD, the Cannabis plant contains hundreds of other cannabinoids such as CBG or CBN, and as many terpenes, which contribute to its effects and benefits, as well as its aromas. Each cannabis strain would be a unique combination of these components, which are expressed differently depending on the components they are associated with and will thus contribute unique effects. This is called the entourage effect.

To learn more about the entourage effect, don't hesitate to consult our article on terpenes.

Following this logic, to associate two flowers allows to recreate a new combination of effects and flavours from already unique mixtures. With more than a hundred cannabinoids and as many terpenes, the combinations are infinite: mixing cannabis strains is thus the occasion to benefit fully from the effect of entourage.


Our advice before mixing cannabis strains

Good practices to enjoy most of the product

Before using your CBD flower, it is important to ensure that it is stored in optimal conditions. Indeed, the famous terpenes which contribute to the aromas and the effects of the CBD are very delicate and react to numerous parameters like heat, air, light, and even time. To preserve their quality, we advise you to store them in a dry, confined place, away from the light. At Cakespace, you don't have to worry too much about this, our packaging is already designed for this purpose!

When you use them, don't hesitate to use a sharp grinder or a good pair of scissors to cut your flowers cleanly without crushing them. And finally, once you have mixed your grinded flowers, it is better to consume them quickly, otherwise the terpenes will perfume the room rather than benefiting your lungs...

The key? Experimenting without precipitation

But as we explained in our article on CBD dosing, we must not forget that the molecule produces different effects for each person. That's why it is better to take the time to experiment little by little. 

The first time, we advise you to stay at home in order to discover these new effects quietly, and not to inhale too much at once. It is better to go more slowly than usual, and to give your body time to react quietly. 

And of course, you don't always get it right the first time. Not everyone will like a mixture, and not all flowers go well together.

Where to begin? Our mixing tips

The easiest: pairing similar flavors

Although there is a phenomenal amount of genetics, they can be grouped rather easily in categories of flavours: some, like our Tuttifrutti, are fruity, others, like Genius Skunk, are more earthy, while flowers like Joker Kush, are rather spicy.

When you want to start without taking too many risks, mixing cannabis strains with similar flavors is probably best to have a coherent and harmonious base. 

To bring more depth and dimension to your mix, you can also try to associate flowers of the same family, such as the Wedding Cake, available on the shop under the name of Fruit Cake, and its mother strain, the Girl Scout Cookie. 

If you want to learn more about the strains of cannabis, do not hesitate to consult our article on the origin of the famous genetics

But if you want an even simpler and almost foolproof solution, you can try what we call a fruit salad, that is to say, marrying fruity flavours like Blackberry and Super Lemonhaze. This allows you to stay on a solid base while varying the flavors!

More difficult, but more surprising: mixing complementary flavours and effects

But for richer and more amazing results, you can also try mixing different flavors that might complement each other. The great thing about CBD flowers is that it's hard to find flowers that won't go together. On the other hand, some combinations work better than others, such as pairing a spicy flavor like Purple Swag with fresher, fruitier notes like Cosmic Haze.

But flavors are just the tip of the iceberg, as it is also possible to mix flowers according to their effects! So, you can for example consider combining stimulating varieties like Sky Rocket with a relaxing flower like Cannatonic.

You are now with all the keys in hand to start experimenting. Don't hesitate to keep us informed of your results on instagram, and to join us on the blog for more and more content related to CBD! And if you really can't handle it, there's always the Trim!

Cake it easy,