Friends of cannabis: 7 great women who use CBD during their life

Historical famous women who use CBD

March 8th marks Women's Rights Day and at Cakespace we wanted to highlight these illustrious women who have made history, because when we think of the big names in cannabidiol consumption, we often think of men.

These great women who have used cannabis and are proud of it. We take you with us to find out how they used CBD in their daily lives.

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Queen Victoria


When she was suffering from severe menstrual pain, she was prescribed belladonna and opium wine. Unable to tolerate the various side effects she experienced, her doctor suggested a new approach to her ailments. He prescribed cannabis, which, as he told her, “when pure and administered carefully , [cannabis] is one of the most valuable medicines we possess.” She became a heavy user of medicinal CBD.

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Karen Blixen


Karen Blixen, better known by her pen name Isak Dinesen, famous for writing Out of Africa from her own experiences, reveals her journey with cannabis and its various strains. She was known to be very open about it. Her experiences were documented in The Life of a Storyteller by Judy Thurman.



The longest reigning female pharaoh in Egyptian history, Hatshepsut was also known to use cannabis for medicinal purposes. Ground in honey, cannabis helped with menstrual cramps. She is also said to have used it for pain during childbirth. Shortly before her ascension to the throne, the Ebers papyrus was written detailing the use of cannabis for its many medical benefits and conditions, recognised today as inflammation, depression, pain relief, gynaecological problems and many others.

Maya Angelou


Maya Angelou, a famous 20th century American writer and activist, recounts her experiences with the famous medicinal green plant in her writings. In one of her autobiographies, she describes how cannabis made her feel during a dinner with two women she met at the bar where she worked: "The food was the best I had ever tasted. Every morsel was an experience of sheer delight. I lost myself in a haze of sensual pleasure, enjoying not only the tastes but the feel of the food in my mouth, the smells, and the sound of my jaws chewing.”

Her world completely changed, she will say that "walking down the street becomes an adventure, eating a good meal becomes entertainment, and playing with my son becomes fun".

Louisa May Alcott


Louisa May Alcott, an American novelist best known for her work Little Women, is not well known for the influence of cannabis on her writing. However, in her love story Perilous Play, she tells the story of a couple in crisis. The female character Rose relies on a specialist who advises her to eat cannabis-filled sweets. The author highlights the experience with cannabis by ending with the words “Heaven bless hashish, if its dreams end like this!" Wouldn't this be an admission of experience with hemp?

Hildegard of Bingen


The famous German nun, born in the 12th century, produced her own hemp in her gardens. In her book Physica, she describes the potential of CBD for medical treatments. She recommends it for headaches and stomach aches.

Margaret Mead


The American anthropologist is facing a media storm following her statements on cannabis in the Senate in 1969. She was in favour of legalising hemp, which she considered to be harmless, provided it was not consumed excessively. In her opinion, its prohibition would endanger the country and create a major social divide between the generations.

"I am of the opinion that at the moment marijuana is not harmful unless it is taken in enorme and excessive amounts. I think that we are damaging this country..."

Joan of Arc


Nothing is certain, however, there are rumours that the Maid of Orleans may have used cannabis. Iranian researchers have reportedly found what looks like a pipe in her 'supposed' tomb. Residues of the green plant were found on this pipe.


How about that? Cool, right?


These women proved to history that CBD is not just for men. Cakespace wishes a happy Women's Rights Day to all those heroines who were not afraid to share their experience with the famous hemp plant with its many virtues and to our everyday heroines! Happy holidays ladies!

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