France’s Cesar Awards 2022: Our CBD products selection

The best CBD products to catch up on the films of the ceremony

What if, in addition to the movies, we prepared an official selection of CBD products for the 2022 Cesar ceremony? After the awards announcement on Friday night, many of you want to catch up on the films that have made the year... and what’s better for a movie night than a little flower or a good little CBD drink? Want to know which product best matches the top films of the ceremony? Here's our guide for you!

Lost Illusions - Genius Skunk

A rich and subtle CBD flower for the most beautiful historical reenactment of the year


Nothing better than a CBD flower symbolized by a creature as powerful as it is mystical to illustrate the overwhelming power of the media, one of the main themes of Xavier Giannoli's latest film. Earthy and compact, Genius Skunk is a good reflection of this dense film, which distills its sharp and pointed look at Restoration France with great subtlety, just like the sweet and tart shades of the flower. The ultimate asset of this Glasshouse? Its effects on creativity, which perfectly compliment the creative genius of young Lucien. 

Annette - Sky Rocket


A powerful CBD flower to match the intensity of a musical drama

Fierce and heartbreaking, Annette set the pace for the summer with songs and reflections that only Sky Rocket could match, with its intense flavor of buttery and amber notes. With its dark and compact appearance, this Gelato Indoor materializes the darkness of the characters and the pain they cause... by the way, it's good timing: this CBD flower has anti-inflammatory properties... 

Aline - Feel 

A range with aphrodisiac terpenes for a legendary couple


With Aline, Valérie Lemercier made a film as intimate as it is majestic, a true ode to love that could not be better represented than by our Feel line and its aphrodisiac properties. Between its hilarious dialogues, the music of our Quebec icon, and the breathtaking outfits, Aline awakens all our senses, just like our Feel products, which redesign the codes of sensuality with its exhilarating and energizing effects .

Bac Nord - Super Lemonhaze


A spicy hemp flower for a crackdown movie

It's impossible not to associate Bac Nord with Super Lemonhaze, a characterful variety with sour and spicy flavors, perfect for an immersion in such a dangerous and disillusioned environment. Nervous, anxiety-inducing, and of rare intensity, this punchy film requires a flower that exudes energy and freshness. 

The Divide - Fresh

Refreshing cannabidiol products for a burning film


Police violence, overworked hospitals ... With The Divide, Catherine Corsini criticizes a sick system, which could use a breath of fresh air, which our Fresh line symbolizes perfectly. Designed to help you breathe easier and relax, our products are the perfect solution for keeping a cool head in the face of a hot social comedy. 

Black Box - Focus 

A range to focus on a compelling storyline


In this gripping thriller, Pierre Niney plays an acoustician in charge of identifying the cause of a plane crash: terrorism? pilot error? technical failure? With the tension rising, the young man must conduct a meticulous investigation and face his own demons. And to follow such a story, nothing better than a range like the Focus, designed to improve memory and concentration!

Anyways, talking about movies and CBD made us want to have a little movie night! By the way, we'd be curious to know which combo makes you want to go out ... come and tell us on our instagram page, and don't hesitate to share this article or to tell us if you'd like to see more content like this on the blog! 

Cake it Easy, 

Cakespace Team