CBD for the heart: risky or beneficial?

The benefits of CBD for the heart

Can you use CBD for the heart? A question which is far from being insignificant in front of the number of deaths related to cardiovascular diseases... but where THC is rather harmful for cardiac health, what about CBD? Does it help protect our little heart or on the contrary, is it as dangerous as its cousin? We’re reviewing this together. 


CBD for the heart: no danger if you remain careful

Limited side effects

Until now, no negative effect of CBD for the heart has been highlighted, unlike THC, which would be the cause of dysfunctions: heart attacks, arrhythmia, and even stroke. 

As revealed by this study conducted by English researchers, CBD does not cause any side effects, except a drop in blood pressure, and the risk of seeing its heart rate increase in case of overdose.

A molecule to use with caution

This is why, even if it is not dangerous and does not present any risk of dependence, the molecule of Cannabidiol remains to consume with moderation. It is always better to respect our favorite motto: start low, go slow, and monitor your reactions to each variation of dosage. In the case of heart health, we advise you to watch out for possible dizziness or lightheadedness, which could indicate a lower than average blood pressure.

The benefits of CBD for the heart

A useful regulator

The first benefit of CBD for the heart is its regulatory capacity. Thanks to the endocannabinoid system, Cannabidiol helps regulate the heartbeat, which, beyond relieving this well-known symptom of anxiety, simply prevents cardiac arrhythmia. 

But its regulatory role does not stop there. CBD also stimulates blood flow to compensate for deficiencies and counter the accumulation of arterial plaque, an important factor in the development of heart disease. 

It even reduces blood pressure, a major asset to prevent the dreaded myocardial infarction, which causes the death of nearly 80,000 people each year in France.


A powerful anti-inflammatory

Already mentioned in our article on allergies and skin problemsCBD is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Inflammation of the heart is very dangerous because it can damage or even destroy cardiovascular cells, leading to diseases that can be fatal.

Moreover, it would seem that in the short term, CBD would reduce the risk of mortality in case of heart failure.

Although we are far from having discovered all the effects of the molecule, CBD is progressively imposing itself as a very beneficial molecule on the heart, which deserves that we dedicate many studies to it... In any case, at Cakespace, we promise to keep you up to date with the most recent advances! In the meantime, don't hesitate to visit our blog and join us on instagram!

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