CBD and tinnitus: can it relieve them?

CBD and tinnitus: what is it worth?

You've probably already experienced some rather high-pitched ringing or whistling in your ears coming from nowhere. Maybe it's tinnitus. Unfortunately, millions of people are affected by this daily annoyance, which sometimes takes a toll on their health. There is no treatment or remedy effective enough to get rid of it. So some people are turning to CBD to relieve the buzzing noise caused by tinnitus. We explain how CBD and tinnitus can work together.

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is characterised by noises that are more or less acute. They can be buzzing, whistling or any kind of annoying noise that creates a very unpleasant sensation. This condition can become a daily hell for sufferers. Tinnitus is noticeable in quiet moments and when the environment becomes silent, which does not allow the sufferer to concentrate or sleep well. Unfortunately, it is a hearing disorder that affects a very large number of people in France and throughout the world.

Before getting to the heart of the matter with the alliance of CBD and tinnitus, we think it is necessary to understand how it is translated. Often, tinnitus is related to damage to the inner or middle ear. This damage can be caused by sound or pressure that is too intense: music that is too loud, a plane ride, marine activity, etc.

Tinnitus can also be the result of underlying health problems such as

  • stress, anxiety and depression

  • high blood pressure

  • sinus or ear infections

  • high cholesterol levels

  • autoimmune or cardiovascular disease

  • a tumour on the nerve

Whatever the cause of the tinnitus, the ringing can occur in one or both ears at the same time. However, the symptoms may not vary from patient to patient. While some people talk about whistling, popping, others talk about roaring and piercing noises. And in some cases, tinnitus is the first sign of hearing loss.

Unfortunately, there is no effective remedy to get rid of tinnitus for good. Doctors usually try to treat the health problem that causes the tinnitus, but cannot directly relieve it. As a result, many tinnitus patients are forced to get used to living with it. But in recent years, and thanks to the growing number of studies, cannabidiol could become a solution for people suffering from this hearing disorder.


Can tinnitus be avoided?

What can you do to avoid tinnitus? The first thing is to avoid long and prolonged exposure to loud noises. A danger to the ears is considered to exist when the noise exceeds 85 decibels, which weakens the inner ear and thus favours the appearance of tinnitus.

If you are the type of person who listens to music with loud headphones, note the following tips:

  • Set the volume at half the maximum

  • Don't try to cover up outside noise with your music

  • And limit your listening time

And if you are used to going out to concerts or clubs, don't hesitate to move away from the speakers, take breaks, and above all, alcohol abuse and the taking of medication at the same time can reduce the sensation of pain in the ears by altering auditory perception.

We advise you, on a daily basis, to wear hearing protection adapted to situations that will be very noisy and to remove it in a quiet place in order to avoid too sudden an exposure.

In addition, it is important to take care of your ears on a daily basis. To do this, avoid the use of cotton swabs, which only push earwax further into the ear canal. To clean your ears properly, use a spray or the corner of a damp towel without ever going inside the ears.

CBD and tinnitus: what it does?

What are the benefits of CBD on the body?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the molecules present in the hemp plant. Unlike its sulphurous cousin, THC, CBD has no negative health effects and is known for its benefits to the human body.

How does it work?

It's simple. In every body there is an endocannabinoid system (ECS) made up of neurotransmitters and receptors - CB1 and CB2 being the best known - that is able to interact with cannabinoids. Its purpose is to help maintain a balance within the body. It will have an effect on metabolism, pain and heart rate.

Therefore, CBD, with its multiple anti-inflammatory, analgesic or relaxing benefits, can directly reach the relevant receptors. This is why when you feel pain, CBD can help you and directly target the internal pain, or external pain for that matter.

The action of CBD on tinnitus

CBD has not been proven to directly cure tinnitus, however, from its many therapeutic properties, it can help you relieve ear pain. As previously mentioned, CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system and its receptors. These play an important role in the ENT system, especially for hearing and balance. By acting as a regulator, CBD could alleviate the disorders that cause tinnitus and fight the root of the problem.

Thus, CBD can relieve stress, anxiety and depression and sleep disorders, which, caused by incessant tinnitus and buzzing, become a nightmare for sufferers and develop these symptoms.

How to consume CBD?

You can consume CBD in different ways. Sublingually using CBD oils, inhaling CBD flowers to get almost instant effects with the help of an inhaler or orally by adding the oil to your food or flower preparations - you can even make a tea.

The studies are not conclusive. There is no evidence that CBD can make tinnitus go away, but thanks to the many, many studies on the subject of CBD, it is known (and you are often told) that it can relieve stress and emotions, as well as physical pain. So if you too suffer from tinnitus or want to prevent it from happening, try CBD. And in the meantime,

Cake it easy,