CBD and sexuality

CBD and sexuality : in our intimacy


We often ask ourselves a lot of questions about CBD: is it really effective against anxiety, what are the dangers of CBD or what are the benefits of CBD? We keep hearing that CBD is full of benefits and good properties, but what about your sexuality?

We often talk about breakdowns, blockages or discomfort with sex and often the means to overcome them only make the situation worse. We've taken a look at this issue so you can learn all about the relationship between CBD and sexuality.

What is sexual anxiety?

Sexual anxiety is defined as a syndrome that can affect anyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation or experience. It can occur at any time, be short-lived or become permanent.

Also known as performance anxiety, sexual anxiety is the fear of being disappointed during sex with one's partner or by various factors such as performance, physical appearance or one's relationship with intimacy.

Sexual anxiety can be a result of trauma caused by sexual assault or rape, or the perception of one's body and social expectations.

It becomes important to reclaim one's body in order to reconnect with one's sexuality. Each sexual relationship is unique and the obsession with performance should not override one's true desires.

You'll tell us that it's easier said than done and, well… we all agree on that. That's where CBD comes in. We'll explain...


What is CBD?

Coming from the hemp plant, CBD or its full name cannabidiol is one of the molecules of cannabis with multiple virtues. Unlike its cousin, THC, CBD contains no psychotropic effects. On the contrary, it only proves its effectiveness in study after study. 

Stress, depression, cosmetics or recreation, CBD allows you to relax, to get back to sleep or to get a boost of energy, for example. In fact, we tell you more about the benefits of CBD in our article.

CBD and sexuality: the benefits

Between meditation, relaxation, therapies, all means are good to solve sexual anxiety. But sometimes these methods can be useless and ineffective.

According to a study conducted on 511 people by the consulting firm Augur Associates, 81% of those questioned said that CBD had improved their relationships by reducing sexual anxiety or simply by increasing the sensations felt.

But how does CBD work on your body? We'll tell you right now!

CBD is full of benefits and to reach the human body, cannabidiol will act on what is called your endocannabinoid system. Thanks to its receptors, the virtues of CBD are more easily absorbed. This is why CBD is known to act on stress, depression and relaxation, for example.

As mentioned above, the research carried out has shown that CBD is effective in three important ways:

  • Reducing anxiety and stress,

  • listening to your partner by facilitating dialogue

  • and the increased sensations, which can help to reach orgasm...

The use of CBD is different for everyone. The majority of the people involved in the study consumed CBD flower or CBD oil directly.

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Sexual anxiety can occur at any time in life, whether it is after a trauma or a life experience. Often therapeutic methods such as relaxation or meditation are not effective.

Trying something new with the use of CBD before or during sex can affect your feelings, but more importantly it can help you reconnect with your body.

It may be that CBD has no effect on you, so we advise you to talk to a sex therapist who can help you. In the meantime, if you liked our article, don't hesitate to check out the others and subscribe to our Instagram account for more daily content.

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