CBD and Harry Potter: tell us which House you belong to and we'll tell you which product you should use!

Which CBD product you should use according to your Hogwarts House

With the upcoming release of the third Fantastic Beasts movie, we wanted to mix CBD and Harry Potter! After making recommendations based on your zodiac sign and your favorite Attack on Titan character, we ought to make an edition based on the core ofyour personality: your Harry Potter House. So, what CBD products should the Weasleys and Malfoys have consumed? Keep reading to find out! 

Gryffindor - Fresh and Super Lemonhaze

All the freshness and energy of CBD for the most determined wizards

Widely featured in the Harry Potter saga, Gryffindor values courage and determination, like its symbol, the lion, or its relic, Godric’s sword. Over the years, Gryffindor has been home to some of the boldest personalities, such as the Weasley twins and the Marauders. To celebrate their legendary confidence, there's nothing better than a CBD product like Super Lemonhaze. With its lemony and spicy nuances, this CBD flower is full of energy and will flatter their boldness, while reminding the golden tones of the Gryffindor coat of arms thanks to its packaging! Between Ginny, Angelina Johnson or Katie Bell, this house also gathers great Quidditch players, who will appreciate the invigorating scent of our Fresh range. With its peppermint scent and its action on breathing, it will be ideal for those who love to spend time outdoors! 


Slytherin - Feel et Purple Swag

Seductive CBD products for Slytherin's charisma

Between the myth of the Chamber of Secrets and the intrigues of wizards like Tom Jedusor, the Slytherins always carry a hint of mystery with them. Strong defenders of their heritage, they maintain certain standards and only open the doors of their house to hand-picked students. A perfect analogy for the subtle and intriguing scent of Purple Swag, a CBD flower whose complex nuances will remind you of tortured personalities like Regulus Black or Severus Snape. With such a legendary ambition, the Slytherins know how to use their charisma to achieve their goals. As seductive as they are subversive, they will be particularly sensitive to our Feel range and its aphrodisiac virtues. Like the snake from the Bible, the Slytherin has more than one trick up his sleeve, and all he needs is a range as delicate as it is sensual to accomplish their darkest schemes…


Ravenclaw - Focus and Genius Skunk

CBD filled with creativity and concentration for the most studious

Rowena Serdaigle was the brightest witch of her time and founded this house to promote learning and reflection. In fact, the eagle she chose as her symbol represents prestige. The Focus line would be the perfect partner for Ravenclaws. Thanks to their effects on concentration and memorization, these CBD products would allow them to quench their thirst for knowledge and extend their revision sessions into the night. But the Ravenclaws are also known and recognized for their originality and their artistic temperament, like the sparkling Luna Lovegood or the visionary Garrick Ollivander. So they'd especially appreciate Genius Skunk, which stimulates creativity through its dopamine-inducing effects. With its sweet and tangy flavors, this CBD flower is the perfect challenge for these great minds.


Hufflepuff - Beach and Fruit Cake

All the comforting power of a CBD flower for the warmest wizards

Often underestimated because of their modest and patient temperament, Hufflepuffs are nevertheless home to multi-talented wizards, from the brilliant Cedric Diggory to the revolutionary Norbert Dragonneau, featured in this new Fantastic Beasts saga. Warm and friendly by nature, Hufflepuffs know how to bring comfort to their loved ones, like the Fruit Cake, a CBD flower that soothes both pain and insomnia. Like the yellow color of their coat of arms, the members of this house are the sunshine of Hogwarts. That's why we paired them with the Beach. With their pineapple and coconut scent, these products have everything a summer cocktail has. A cocktail that is well deserved: persevering and hard-working, Hufflepuffs don't count their hours and could really use the relaxing effects of this range... 


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