CBD and gaming, the perfect team to increase performance?

CBD and gaming: a natural solution to evolve in the field of e-sports

What if we told you that CBD and gaming were kind of the ideal combo? Far from the exaggerated image of the gamer that’s completely stoned in his basement, CBD oil and vape are now a natural solution to focus and improve performance. Need a pick-me-up to face the boss? Pain in the hand from shooting on Call of? Make yourself comfortable: we're going to tell you about the new essential accessory of your set-up.  


CBD and gaming: a healthier alternative to the new challenges of e-sports

THC, a cheat code that’s losing momentum

Associating CBD and gaming doesn't seem so obvious at first glance. Usually, you think of a guy who does a lot of joints on a dirty couch with a joystick in his hand... 

The thing is that CBD and THC are far from producing the same effects... it's pretty simple: where THC causes psychotropic effects and induces addiction, CBD does not produce any damage. It rather accompanies natural processes and even goes as far as blocking some effects of THC. 

And that, many gamers have understood it well. Today, CBD is a welcome boost in the rapidly changing world of video games.

CBD and gaming: a substance more adapted to the evolution of video games

If gamers are no longer looking for the same type of cannabis product, it is also because video games are facing new realities. 

Games are now much more sophisticated and require the development of new skills, both physical and mental. Often associated with an isolated practice, video games are increasingly becoming a collective practice. More than a leisure activity, it is now becoming an e-sport, with the competitions that go with it, which implies adapted training and the search for ways to boost performance. 

In these conditions, many say goodbye to THC, and hello to CBD and its numerous benefits, which become a must among the stuff of numerous players. 

The benefits of CBD for gamers

A sharp mind to get your best clutch

One of the cornerstones of the relationship between CBD and gaming concerns the benefits of the substance for the players' mind.

More complicated, more competitive, the new games require more and more concentration. Because thirty minutes on League of Legends is often thirty minutes spent adapting one's strategy and being ready to react at any moment. During such intense sessions, there is nothing better than a little CBD to increase the blood flow to the brain and facilitate the processing of information. Better concentration also means better hand-eye coordination, nothing better than winning all the rounds in games like Valorant or Overwatch

Being a good player also means having a good memory, both to remember the details of the lore and to do without maps, but also a muscle memory, to master the most complex maneuvers. And it's a good thing, because CBD increases the blood supply in the hippocampus area, which plays an important role in memory processing, both in the short and long term. Neuroprotective, Cannabidiol also helps preserve memory with age.

If you are looking to boost your cognitive abilities, our Focus range will be your best ally. To reinforce the effects of CBD, we have added extracts of stimulating plants such as ginkgo, bacopa and lion's mane, specially selected for their action on concentration and memory, all with a little CBG, a cannabinoid more powerful than CBD, to provide a welcome boost!

With more at stake, some games can be quite stressful. There's a reason why, like any athlete, e-sporters seek out psychologists to help them prepare. The advantage of CBD is that it helps relieve anxiety symptoms without affecting your ability to think and therefore play. 

We will not lie, gaming is above all long hours spent behind a screen, often burning the midnight oil, which can contribute to disrupt sleep. And if we add the stress related to performance, and the need for rest before competitions, it is crucial for gamers to maintain a proper sleep. Fortunately, CBD is here to soothe the mind before bed and contribute to better quality sleep. 

If you're more interested in the calming properties of CBD, you can check out our Relax line, which is enriched with terpinolene to improve breathing, as well as lemon balm and chamomile, both of which are known to help with sleep.

No more tech neck and other gamer pains

Real gamers know that gaming is also a physical discipline.  

Some games require the mastery and repetition of sometimes complex and constraining movements, especially in the hand and arm. When you spend hours exercising, the nerves of certain muscles can rebel, by dint of being compressed ... resulting in pain, numbness and other tingling, like the carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Sitting in the same position and making repetitive movements for several hours can lead to pain, especially in the back, like the famous lumbago, and in the neck. And even if ergonomic and comfortable equipment can help reduce the phenomenon, we wouldn't mind a little help to better manage these little discomforts and help the muscles recover.

Need to relieve your hand after a game of FPS on PC? Cannabidiol helps to relieve pain, especially thanks to its anti-inflammatory action. If you feel like taking advantage of this, don't hesitate to look into our Fresh range and its rosemary and peppermint extracts, renowned for their analgesic virtues.

Well, that was great and all, but we have a WOW raid planned out... we hope this article was useful to you, if so, do not hesitate to join us on instagram and we’ll see you soon with new CBD-related content!