7 tips to help you check the quality of a CBD Oil

How to tell a CBD oil is good quality

We love to consume it for its wide variety of use and its sometimes more pronounced effects, to check the quality of a CBD oil is a whole other story... With the number of CBD products that arrive daily on the market, it can be difficult to find and make the best choice. At the same time, using a good quality CBD oil is essential to fully enjoy the effects of the molecule... need to see more clearly? Let’s figure it out together.

Check the ingredients and the extraction method

The first signs of a high-quality CBD oil


Get the product page or label of your CBD oil, it will be of great help throughout this article! 

The first thing you can look at is the list of ingredients. This way you can make sure that there are no additives or chemicals in your oil. Not only is this rarely a very good sign, but it can also interfere with the effects of CBD. Because it's always better when it really works...

But beyond the ingredients, the most important thing is to check the extraction method used to produce the CBD oil. Following the same logic, it is best to avoid oils from which CBD has been extracted using chemicals such as butane, propane, pentane or hexane, all of which are hazardous to your health. 

To have an oil of the best possible quality, it is necessary to extract CBD with supercritical CO2. Safer, more efficient, this method preserves cannabinoids. The Result? a pure CBD, which does not require chemicals or additives. And that's good, because it's the method we chose at Cakespace!

Look for: oils with less ingredients, made using CO2 extraction

Avoid: Oils filled with chemicals and additives

Take a look at the oil base

The token of quality of every CBD product


Another aspect which deserves your attention: the oil base, which accommodates CBD once extracted. Though one can theoretically use any oil, all are not worth it. The best of the best? Hemp seed oil and coconut oil (MCT), which we have personally chosen at Cakespace, because it facilitates the absorption of CBD while teaming up with it for even more effective results. The most? Its neutral taste, which allows us to develop oils rich in aromas and flavors, like the sweet berries scent of our Focus sublingual oil or the peppermint scent of the Fresh CBD oil.

Look for: An MCT or Hemp seed oil base

Avoid: Olive, sunflower and other oil bases… 

Prefer broad spectrum CBD oils

More effects for a better quality

As explained in our article about the uses of CBD, there are three types of CBD oil: 

  • Isolate CBD oil, which contains only the Cannabidiol molecule. 
  • Broad spectrum oils, which contain other cannabinoids and terpenes naturally present in the Cannabis plant. 
  • Full spectrum oils, which are not authorized in France because they contain all the components of cannabis, including THC. 

We advise you to favor broad spectrum oils, because the terpenes and other cannabinoids will improve the effectiveness of the CBD thanks to the entourage effect. It is to make the most of this entourage effect that we sell this type of oil, which allows us to offer very precise effects for each range: aphrodisiac for the Feel sublingual oil, relaxing for our Relax CBD oil... 

Look for: broad spectrum oils, to get the most effects! 

Avoid: Isolate CBD oils

No compromise on concentration

A good quality CBD oil is a concentrated one

The worst possible red flag for a hemp oil is when the concentration or the quantity of CBD does not appear on the bottle. This information is essential if you want to dose your CBD the way you want. And to have the most effects possible, it is more interesting to look for the highest concentrations. 

In order for an oil to be considered effective, it is generally recommended to look for 250 to 1000 mg for 10 ml.. when in doubt, at Cakespace, we offer 6,000 for 15 ml and 12,000 for 30… just saying…

Look for : oils from 250 mg for 10 ml

Avoid: Products below this limit, or worse, without any information on the CBD amount.

Avoid CBD oils that are too cheap

Because quality comes with a price…


But what you should not forget is that high quality oil is expensive to produce. CO2 extraction, for example, requires expensive professional equipment, and even a laboratory specially designed for this method.

For this reason, too low a price can only mean low quality materials, cheap solvents and most importantly, low CBD content. 

At Cakespace, we are committed to offering you the best quality products possible, even if it means making some concessions on price.

Look for: oils whose price reflects the quality

Avoid: Oils that are too cheap, they are usually sketchy… 

A quality oil gets tested

Because the best CBD has nothing to hide

A brand that has nothing to be ashamed of will never be afraid to submit its products to an independent analysis, just like Cakespace. Our genetics are indeed analyzed twice in a laboratory approved by the Italian government, then in an Austrian laboratory approved by the European Court and thus recognized by the European customs services. At the same time, the formulation and filling of our oils are carried out in our own French laboratories with the greatest care.

A natural culture, the key to a good CBD oil

Show me where you grew up and I’ll tell you what you are


Hemp is a hyperaccumulative plant. Meaning? It absorbs everything that the soil in which it grows contains, which is very useful when it comes to vitamins and minerals, but instantly more complicated when the soil contains chemical substances, lead or even oil.

This is why it is important to choose flowers that are grown as naturally as possible. For oils made from flowers grown outdoors, it is best to check that they are organic.

Like we explained in our guide to tell the quality of a CBD flower, at Cakespace, we chose Indoor and Glasshouse culture, so we don’t have to worry about soil quality while protecting our flowers from the weather and pests. 

Ideally, you also want to choose locally grown flowers. That's why Cakespace flowers are grown in our partner farms in Italy and Portugal, which offer a more favorable climate and sunshine, while the products are manufactured in our French laboratories. For more information on our supply chain, do visit our About Us page. 

Look for: locally grown oils, indoor or Glasshouse culture, and if not, go for organic outdoor. 

Avoid: products grown far away, or worse, without any informations on growing conditions. 

With all these tips, CBD oils will soon hold no secrets for you! Don't hesitate to join us on social networks if you have any other questions, to share the article and even your own tips by tagging Cakespace. Until then, we'll see you soon for more CBD related content!

Cake it easy, 

Cakespace Team