2022 Oscars: Our CBD products to catch up on the selection

The best CBD products to watch the 2022 Oscars movies

What could be better than good CBD products to watch and re-watch the films of the 2022 Oscars selection? With the 94th ceremony of the Academy awards coming up on March 27th at the Dolby Theatre, we thought we'd give you some ideas for snacks that will perfectly match the nuggets of this new edition! So, more like Belfast or DuneOil or CBD vape? Keep reading to find out!

The Power of the Dog - Black Afghan Gold

A complex hash for the best western of the year

Most nominated film at the 2022 OscarsThe Power of The Dog tells the story of two brothers with opposing characters who live together in a Montana ranch. For this ambiguous and gripping western, we suggest you turn to Black Afghan Gold, a hash with a spicy and syrupy taste, which perfectly matches Benedict Cumberbatch's performance and his magnetic and devious character. Its relaxing and stimulating effects will help you keep up with this Jane Campion gem. 


Belfast - Fruit Cake

A comforting CBD flower to relive your childhood

Belfast follows the adventures of Buddy, a young boy growing up in 1960s Northern Ireland. In this autobiographical movie, Kenneth Branagh deals with the difficulty of living as a child in a period of violence and political troubles. And to savor this delicate and emotional film, you can go for the Fruit Cake and its comforting vanilla notes, which will take you back to childhood for a moment...


Don’t Look Up - Joker Kush

Dark humor and emotion, just like this both spicy and sweet hemp flower

Netflix once again manages to make it to the 2022 Oscars with Don't Look Up, a comedy-drama that criticizes government and public inaction in the face of the climate emergency through the story of two astronomers who try to mobilize the public in the face of a comet that threatens to destroy humanity. Like the Joker Kush, which mixes spicy notes with deliciously fruity nuances, this satire alternates dark humor and emotion with brilliance. A powerful and hilarious film that leaves no room for boredom, just like the exhilarating effects of this high quality indoor. 


West Side Story - Cannatonic

A great CBD classic to enjoy a cinema staple

Remake of the 1961 monument directed by none other than Spielberg, West Side Story has everything to become a legendary film. And to celebrate this must-see movie and the atmosphere of fifties New York, Cannatonic is the perfect flower with its vintage touch. As comforting as it is refreshing, this glasshouse improves mood and soothes aches. A perfect analogy for this more political version, but still as moving, and above all, that delights the senses with its sets, costumes and songs full of color and depth. 


Dune - Beach

A refreshing range to keep up with the desert of Arrakis

Of course we chose our Beach line for a movie called Dune. But don't worry, we didn't stop at the sand. In this space opera of a new kind, we follow the destiny of Paul, who must survive on the dangerous planet of Arrakis to preserve the future of his family and his people. Between the music signed Hans Zimmer, the impeccable photography and the breathtaking special effects, Dune is a real cinematographic slap in the face, which is not without subtlety thanks to the acting. And to keep you going throughout this experience, nothing beats a refreshing and soothing range with rich pineapple and coconut flavors! 


Well, we don't know about you, but all this talk about the 2022 Oscars and CBD made us want to heat up the popcorn and turn on the TV... Up for a Fruit Cake session or a Cannatonic viewing? Tell us on our instagram page, and feel free to share this post or tell us if you'd like to see more cultural content on the blog!

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