How to tell a CBD flower is high-quality

Our top advices to choose the best Cannabis flowers 

With the multiplication of stores selling cannabidiol, being able to tell a CBD flower is high-quality is essential to get your bearings. Whatever the product, the quality of the material is always important, and CBD is no exception. To make concessions on the quality of a CBD flower, it is to save on the effects of cannabidiol - besides, do not hesitate to go to read our article on the 4 ways CBD can improve your daily life - even on its health... But once you’re ready to buy, how can you recognize high-quality CBD flowers? Stay put, we’re about to give you the keys to choose them like a pro!

Although the product sheet on the internet can already provide some interesting information, the best way to verify the quality of a CBD flower is to examine it directly. And for that, you don't need to be a seasoned consumer or an expert in hemp culture. Your best allies? Sight, smell and touch. 

The smell of cannabis flower

Smelling the quality of a CBD flower


The first thing you want to check, and that you cannot get on a picture, is the smell of the hemp flower. For that, it is enough to lightly tap the flower with the end of your finger so that it releases its aromas, and to make sure you never leave it in open hair for too long.

A high-quality cannabis has a rich and powerful aroma, which stands out clearly from the others. A very important aspect, because it is the terpenes that give flowers their particular perfume, but also their effects. Conclusion? The stronger the smell of the CBD flower, the more terpenes it contains, and the more terpenes it has, the more effects it will have. 

At Cakespace, the scent of the flowers is something we pay attention to throughout the whole process, from harvest to drying. That's why we're particularly proud to offer strong-smelling genetics like Purple Swag with its heady, intoxicating scent or the fruity freshness of Blackberry!

Look for: CBD flowers with a strong and pungent smell

Avoid: flowers that smell like hay, or worse, no smell at all ...

The appearance of the CBD flower

Checking the quality with your eyes

You can also learn a lot just by looking at the appearance of a CBD product. 


For this, you can rely on several parameters, starting with the color of the flower. It may seem logical to you but you never know: with the exception of the Purple Haze (or Purple Swag when you really have taste...) a quality flower is often green. It doesn't matter if it is light or dark, the green must be quite pronounced.

If you have time to look closely at the product, don't hesitate to inspect its trichomes. These are the small whitish hairs found on the surface of the flower. They are particularly important because that’s where essential oils and terpenes are stored, but especially, CBD and THC molecules. That's why it's important to check that they are intact - this shows that the flower has been hand-cut - and not mechanically. The best is when there are enough trichomes so that the flower looks slightly frosted.

But in general, it is easier to examine the pistils. While the trichomes are more like light fuzz, the pistils are much longer and have different colors, from orange to brown like Joker Kush or Sky Rocket, and sometimes even shades of pink or purple! These are there to show the maturity of the flower. A flower covered with pistils is a flower that has been cultivated correctly and harvested at the right time.

And that's where the talent and experience of Cakespace's partner growers comes into play. Only a seasoned and methodical eye will be able to decipher the hue of the trichomes and pistils, to ensure maximum effect and flavor for its consumers.

Look for: the greenest possible cannabis flowers with intact trichomes and colorful pistils

Avoid: brown, red or yellow flowers, with mechanically cut pistils and trichomes

Touching the flower

Recognizing quality by manipulating CBD


A flower gets smelled, admired, but is also touched! A high-quality CBD flower should not be too dry, otherwise it may crumble and fall to pieces. On the other hand, a flower that’s too wet means that the plant was not dried correctly, and that it risks to develop molds, which one can easily locate. The ideal flower is slightly sticky when you take it in your hand - it is the sign of a well resinous flower and thus full of cannabinoids - but it must remain crispy... in short, subtlety and balance. And it is even better when it is compact and dense, because it means that they kept only the essentials of the flower.

That's why the best legal cannabis comes from indoor cultivation, as is the case at Cakespace, because it almost always excludes the presence of seeds, twigs and leaves, which add unnecessary weight to the flowers ... it's still better when you focus only on the essentials, right

Look for: a compact, slightly sticky and crunchy cannabidiol flower

Avoid: flowers that are too wet, too dry or too light, full of stems and twigs

Buying online

Telling the quality of a CBD flower using the product page

Of course, to check the quality of a CBD flower, the best is always to go to a store -by the way, do not hesitate to follow us on social networks to be informed of the next opening of our stores and our arrival in partner stores like Remedeus. But don't worry, you can already learn a lot on the internet thanks to the product page.

So that you can still examine it from every angle and admire its structure and color, each of our CBD flower product sheets is accompanied by visuals and even videos in high definition.


Beyond the visual aspect, you can also look into the origin of the plant and its growing conditions. Don't hesitate to consult the bottom of our About page to have all the details about our supply chain!

It is important to make sure that the hemp has grown in a rich soil, without pesticides or other chemical substances, which could contaminate the CBD and lower its quality. That's why it's best to choose naturally grown plants, in compliance with European standards. 

You won't find better quality than with flowers grown indoors (Indoor). Sheltered from pests and bad weather, these plants grow in ideal conditions, where they benefit from the constant attention of master growers. For this reason, this type of flower often has the highest CBD content, and therefore the highest prices - even though at Cakespace, we make it a point to guarantee the best possible quality/price ratio. 

Glasshouse culture produces just as interesting results, because the flowers benefit this time from the natural light for a more accessible price. Finally, there are CBD flowers called "natural". Cultivated in the open air, their quality depends on external conditions like the weather or the quality of the ground, for more random results, but much more accessible in terms of budget.

Now, you finally have all the keys to tell if a CBD flower is high-quality, just like a pro! Don't hesitate to join us on social networks to ask us more questions or to share the publication and your own tips by tagging Cakespace. In the meantime, we'll see you soon for new content related to CBD! 

Cake it easy, 

Cakespace team