How to recycle Cakespace vape?

How to recycle a vape?

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Very often, when we buy a vape, our first reflex, after having consumed it, is to throw it in our personal trash. Sometimes, and unfortunately, we find it in the hidden corners of our streets, whereas it can be easily recycled.

At Cakespace, we wanted to offer you a good alternative for our planet because it is our responsibility to preserve it.

What we're proposing is simple. You have three options to recycle a vape:

At the retailer:

If you bought the Cakespace vape from one of our dealers, it is possible for you to return it directly to the place of purchase where you bought it. Just drop off your vape(s) and Cakespace will pick them up afterwards.

In our shops:

You can also drop off your Cakespace vape, bought on the internet or in a shop, directly in our shops which will allow you to recycle your product. There are several addresses that you can find here on our website.

A sorting point:

Last option, you can find on this site several sorting points for Cakespace vape. All you have to do is enter the following information:

> That you are an individual

> That you want to recycle

> The type of object (here it is the electrical devices of less than 25 cm)

> Indicate your location

This site is easy to use and allows you to find the collection points near you.

With a simple gesture, you too can contribute to preserving our planet and adapt an eco-friendly approach. Find Cakespace vapes available at our retailers, our shops and on our website as well as all our other products.

Cake it easy,