How to pair beer and cannabis

Beer and cannabis: our best pairing ideas

Pairing beer and cannabis, perfect match or bad idea? True party staples, these two products have much more in common than just the pleasure they provide, and when properly executed, pairing the two brings out their flavors and combines their effects for amazing results. So, in honor of Beer Day, we thought we'd give you our best ideas for pairing beer and cannabis.  

Beer and cannabis: family business?

Hemp and hop: two plants, same roots

If beer and cannabis are made to get along, it is above all because cannabis and hops are cousins.

Indeed, they come from the same family of plants: the Cannabaceae. To realize it, you just have to look at them: they have both palmate leaves and flowers without petals. 

But beyond the physical aspect, hops and cannabis share an even more important commonality: both produce cannabinoids, the molecules that interact with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system to produce effects on our bodies. 

That's why the two plants also share common effects. Both promote sleep, relaxation, and help reduce inflammation. 


Terpenes, the secret to a successful flavor combo

Beer and cannabis are also a good combo because their flavors complement each other well. The reason? Like cannabis, hops produce terpenes, the molecules responsible for its characteristic odors and flavors.

Because of their common origin, both plants produce very similar aromatic bases, which allow them to complement or accentuate each other's flavors, for an even richer taste experience. 

Terpenes also contribute to the properties and effects of the plants, which explains why cannabis and hops produce similar and complementary effects.

Beer and cannabis: how to pair them best?

A mix full of promises

As you may have gathered, pairing beer and cannabis can be very beneficial, not only for testing new flavor combos, but also for its potential effects. 

For one thing, consuming both products can intensify the effects. After all, relaxation plus relaxation is bound to equal a good time!

But their effects can also offset each other: many studies suggest that CBD could indeed help to counter the famous hangover the day after a party - and in addition, it is less caloric than a Kebab... The molecule also facilitates the metabolization of alcohol, reducing oxidative stress for the liver, and fights neurodegenerative effects. And as a general rule, CBD can help fight alcoholism, ideal to avoid excess!

Our advice to effectively pair Cannabis and Beer

To get the most out of the flavors of both products, we recommend starting with well-known cannabis strains like Tuttifrutti's Orange Bud or Fruit Cake's Wedding Cake, and pairing it with beers with strong flavors like IPAs. 

That's the theory. You're free to adjust according to your tastes and experiment on your own! If there's a beer you particularly like, you can try several different strains to find the one that suits it best. 

Regarding the type of cannabis, any CBD product can be suitable, depending on your habits. A vape, a few drops of oil in your pint, a flower to vaporize or cooked in aperitif, you name it!

Our pairing ideas

If you still want some mixing ideas to get started, we've prepared a little guide for you!

Known for its strong hop base and bitter taste, Indian Pale Ale (IPA) is now available with many fruity flavors added during brewing. It will perfectly complement fruity and sour varieties such as Super Lemonhaze or Joker Kush. On the terpene side, IPA works very well with limonene and its citrus flavors, which you can find in all our sensations ranges, but also with pinene and its delicately woody scent, which is one of the bases of our Focus range!

With their strong aromas and their chocolate and coffee nuances, Stout and Porter are difficult to combine with sweet varieties. It is better to turn to more subtle flavors like Cannatonic. As for terpenes, these two beers work best with myrcene, present in our Beach range.

Blonde and clear, the Pils is particularly appreciated for its light and fruity taste. Ideal to test flavors a little more original as those of Purple Swag or Genius Skunk!


Before leaving you, we have one last piece of advice: to get the most out of your pairings, nothing is better than moderation! Don't hesitate to read our guide on tea and CBD infusions, just to enjoy your mornings... now, we don't know about you, but all this advice, it made us want to go and sit out with a good pint...  

Cake it easy,