How to make a CBD cocktail at home: our recipe for beginners.

Our tips to make your first CBD cocktail

With the greyness still around, we all have one thing in mind: staying at home sipping a nice CBD cocktail… yeah, actually, these are not that complicated to make! Come on, make yourself comfortable, we have prepared the perfect recipe with our Beach CBD oil to start. 

CBD in Drinks

Why oil is the best ingredient to drink CBD


To take full advantage of the effects of a CBD-based cocktail, oil will be your best ally. As we explained in our article on CBD cooking, our favorite molecule needs a fatty substance to release its active ingredients and be properly absorbed by the body. Where you would need to heat your flower and then infuse it in fat, the oil is already fat. So you can directly add a few drops to any preparation. Can’t get easier!

The important thing is to use a high quality oil. To help you choose, don't hesitate to check our tips on how to recognize a quality oil. But if you want our opinion, you can go for our CBD oils with closed eyes: with their MCT base, they penetrate easily in the body and are filled with terpenes for even more effects... just saying… 

What are the effects of a CBD cocktail? 

Bioavailability of CBD when consumed orally


In our article on the different ways of consuming CBD, we told you that cannabidiol does not have the same bioavailability depending on the form in which it is consumed, because it does not have the same path to make it to the bloodstream. The shorter the pathway, the higher the bioavailability and the faster the effects. 

When consumed in drink or food, the molecule must circulate in the digestive system before reaching the blood vessels, which explains its 4 to 20% bioavailability. CBD will therefore take longer to act: a good hour on an empty stomach, and up to three hours after eating. Exactly what you need to have a nice chill evening!

Our CBD cocktail recipe

With this information in mind, you are ready to start your first cocktail! To bring back some sunshine in this rainy February, we prepared you a mix that breathes summer... enjoy ! 


  • 4cl rhum 
  • 2cl vanilla syrup
  • The juice from half a lemon
  • 4cl pineapple juice



Let’s start by filling our glass with ice cubes, before squeezing half a lemon, to which we’re gonna add the rum, the vanilla syrup and the pineapple juice. 

The essential step: adding a few drops of CBD oil. For this recipe, we chose the Beach oil, whose coconut and vanilla scent will blend perfectly with the ingredients. The cherry on top? Its effects on the mood and anxiety, to enjoy every moment with serenity! As for the dosage, we generally start with 4 drops per glass, but you are free to adjust according to your habits and the effects you are looking for. 

After that, just mix the ingredients in a shaker and pour it into a nice glass ... and above all, enjoy the mixture!

Wanna test other CBD cocktails ?

Our pairing ideas

If vanilla and pineapple aren't your jam, we've got you covered with other pairing ideas for our CBD oils. 

  • Cosmopolitan - Feel. A sensual cocktail with accents of cranberry to compliment the lychee of our aphrodisiac oil.
  • Mojito - Fresh. What could be better than a refreshing peppermint blend for a mint cocktail? 
  • Gin Tonic - Relax. A nice dose of blackberry to spice up the tonic ...
  • Daïquiri fruits rouges - Focus. Let’s go for a classic with red fruits to sublimate the aromas of berries of our cerebral champion.  

On that note, we have to leave you, all this cocktail talk made us thirsty... do not hesitate to tag us on Cakespace’s instagram account if you try this recipe or your own creations! You can also tell us if you'd be interested in other CBD-based recipes, we've got plenty in store... 

Cake it easy, 

Cakespace Team