Which CBD product is right for me?

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Oil, vape, cream, edible, drink or simply flower... You want to start consuming CBD but with the multiplicity of products and ranges you feel... confused? You don't know which product to choose or which range would suit you best? Come on, grab our hand, Cakespace will guide you to choose which product is right for you.

Let's talk CBD vape

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CBD (or cannabidiol) is the molecule of the cannabinoid family, non-psychotropic present in the hemp plant. It is known for its relaxing properties and contributes to the well-being of its users. Moreover, it does not cause any hallucinations, undesirable effects or dependence.

Which CBD product is right for me?


Before buying a CBD product, we advise you to define what you want to do with it. Do you want to inhale it? With a vaporiser, you can consume our CBD flowers in this way.

If, on the other hand, you are not a big fan of inhalation, then you can also put it directly into your mouth, so we advise you to go for the oils. A few drops under the tongue and you are guaranteed to feel good. There are other ways to consume the non-psychotropic molecule of hemp, but we explain it all in our article on how to use CBD.

You can also consume it with a vape pen and that's what we'll explain below.

Once you've decided which of these products you want to try and consume, it's time to define your goal, why you want to consume CBD. Each person is different so are their needs. But most of the profiles are often the same. We have therefore divided them into 4 different categories.

Medical need


CBD is known to be full of natural benefits. Indeed, it contributes to positive effects on your health. Among the many elements that make CBD our saviour (without making it the saviour of everything), it is known to be an effective anti-inflammatory. It will get rid of pain or at least reduce the sensation of pain.

How does it work? By reaching the endocannabinoid receptors. It works on chronic, nerve and muscular pain - it seems that the little guy is trying to prove something…

Some doctors even use it to relieve patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, arthritis or Parkinson's disease.

CBD can also help you fight anxiety and stress. It reduces forms of anxiety such as depression, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (better known as OCD). Basically, it takes care of your mental health.

The list goes on and on, but it also has a beneficial effect on your skin if you suffer from acne, but also on reducing your risk of cancer, nausea and eating disorders. It helps you to regain your energy thanks to its antioxidant power which acts on the free radicals responsible for oxidation and its content of vitamins C and E.

What a show-off this one is...

Fighting addiction


Smoking and THC consumption are toxic and can damage your health. That's why many users of CBD products have found refuge in this new way of consuming CBD without damaging their health. We believe that vape is a very good alternative to cigarettes, which kill nearly 8 million people worldwide every year.

Unlike nicotine, CBD is not additive at all.

So if you too want to stop smoking substances that can damage your health, take the plunge and come and test our different vapes.

For fun

It's not just the health aspect that's important. You can also just decide to have fun alone or with friends and have a good time.

As we said, CBD is also fun and recreational.

To relax and unwind

Finally, after a long day at work, you can put on your pajamas, pull out your vape and start relaxing on your sofa thanks to its relaxing and soothing properties.

The origin of our CBD flowers


For us, it was crucial to rely on a raw material of optimal quality: 100% natural CBD flowers, which grow thanks to the many care and experience of our master growers.

Surrounded by all possible care, our plants are pruned and dried by hand and thus keep all their components. In order to control the entire production chain, we send the CBD flowers to our partner laboratory in France, which will extract the cannabinoids needed to make the vapes.

If you want to know more about the flowers, you can check out our article on how to tell a CBD flower is high quality.

How good are our Cakespace vapes?

At Cakespace, we wanted to launch a range of CBD vapes that are unlike any other.

A colourful range of products that embrace the recreational side of CBD as well as the medicinal side it can provide. A complete range of the best quality possible, with multiple flavours, designed around the sensations they provide to let our customers choose to live their lives the way they want to, to choose a vape to relax deeply or on the contrary to concentrate serenely to face their own challenges...

We have decided to work on the design and naming of our vapes based on the sensations they provide: the Feel and its aphrodisiac virtues, the Relax to relax, the Beach and its escapist aromas, the Fresh and its wave of freshness, or the Focus to concentrate in complete serenity.

Our vapes according to your sensations

The secret of special sensations? Unique formulations. Instead of varying the flavours around a common base, we have taken it upon ourselves to design a different formulation for each vape. To produce the desired sensation, each vape has its own combination of CBD, CBG, which produces more powerful effects than its cousin, but also CBN, another cannabinoid that causes sensations similar to THC, but without the psychoactive effect. Each formulation also has its own trio of terpenes, giving the blend a unique smell, aroma and effect that enhances the action of the cannabinoids.

The effects can then be felt within seconds or minutes (about 15 minutes on average) and last for two to three hours in the body. This is the most common method of use. The inner surface of the lungs is very permeable, allowing a high bioavailability of CBD between 40 and 55%.

In order to fully enjoy these special moments without worrying about it, the dimensions and style of the Cakespace vapes have been designed for easy handling. They contain a total of 600 puffs. The best part? The packaging is recyclable, for a unique experience that is good for everyone, even the planet...

Which range would suit you best?

Focus on all our sensations



Our "Beach" vape contains linalool, a terpene that gives off a delicate floral scent. Known for its calming properties, linalool acts on the nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety and promote relaxation. Limonene acts on pain, for a respite that is both fragrant and soothing. 




In addition to its delicate rose scent, our "Feel" vape contains ginger and red ginseng, two plants with aphrodisiac properties, which stimulate the body and raise the body temperature, for ever more passionate moments... 



Our "Fresh" vape contains extracts of eucalyptus, a plant known to relieve pain and inflammation, while cineol, its terpene, is combined with peppermint to clear the airways. The result? A refreshing and soothing experience!




In addition to providing a delicate floral scent, borneol, a terpene derived from chamomile, provides a feeling of deep relaxation and helps relieve pain. The "Relax" vapour also contains extracts of passionflower, a flower that is particularly effective in combating insomnia, for an experience as soothing as an afternoon in the countryside!



A true concentrate of life, our "Focus" vape gives off a greedy aroma of red fruits perfectly enhanced by the pinene it contains. Known to improve short-term memory, pinene also helps to open the airways and improve mood. Perfect for concentration!

Why use a CBD vape?


Cannabidiol reaches the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain more easily and has one of the highest bioavailabilities. Bioavailability is the ratio between the molecule absorbed and the amount of CBD consumed.

As well as combining its soothing and relaxing qualities (and all its virtues), vaping CBD is the easiest, quickest, most mobile and discreet way to consume it.

You'll be able to take your vape with you everywhere, it looks like any other vape on the market, with the added bonus of CBD.

So if you too are looking for fast and effective effects, the CBD electronic cigarette is THE solution. Take the plunge and get your vape whatever you want to use it for.

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Cake it easy,

The Cakespace Team