CBD for weight loss : can CBD help you to loose weight ?

Find out how CBD for weight loss work

With summer coming up, we tend to see this "summer body" movement on social media. Losing weight, whether it's for the summer, to get back in shape or simply for health, is part of our daily lives.

It is true that in France, as in the whole world, being overweight is a scourge. Since the 2020 pandemic, there has been a real increase in the number of people who are overweight or obese: 47% of French people (men and women combined). So whether it's for your personal pleasure or your health, we can ask ourselves if CBD for weight loss is effective. If you want to find out, we'll tell you more below.

How does weight gain work?

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How is overweight and obesity defined?

Overweight and obesity are the result of excess body fat. This is the total fat in the body (or adipose tissue). An overweight or obese person is defined by the BMI (body mass index), a simple tool to estimate a person's body weight.

It is estimated that if the BMI is :

< 18.5 kg/m², it is underweight;

= or > 18.5 and < 25 kg/m², the body shape is normal;

= or > 25 and < 30 kg/m², overweight;

= or > 30 kg/m², obesity.

But being overweight can occur for several reasons.

The different reasons for overweight and obesity

The causes of overweight and obesity are multiple and specific to each individual. Often they are the result of changes in lifestyle, diet and reduced physical activity. We have given you some examples:

The result of an imbalance between food intake and physical activity:

When your food intake and physical expenditure are balanced, your weight is stable. However, when the energy expended is less than the energy taken in over a long period of time, then you gradually gain weight.

This happens when:

> caloric intake is excessive (fatty food, too much sugar, overconsumption of sugary drinks, alcohol, large proportions or low fibre).

> The energy expenditure of daily life is not sufficient (physical inactivity or lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle).

As a result, your body develops fat mass which, in the face of this type of imbalance, evolves in two phases.

In the first phase, the weight increases: this is the dynamic phase. The adipocytes fill up with fat and the body becomes overweight.

In the second phase, the weight remains high: this is the static phase. The fat cells multiply, which increases the body's fat storage capacity and creates additional weight gain. You will then reach the obesity threshold.

Psychological factors and lifestyle

Weight gain can also be influenced by your lifestyle and your mental health:

Genetics, difficult periods in life or illnesses that favour weight loss

Sometimes it is simply genetic factors that occur during your life that lead to obesity. This is why children with obese parents are more likely to become overweight.

In addition, there are some rare genetic diseases that can be accompanied by obesity. As well as pregnancy, menopause or childhood overweight or obesity that develops into adulthood.

So how does CBD for weight loss work?

The role of the endocannabinoid system in the body: how CBD helps you lose weight

The endocannabinoid system is found in every human body. It contains many receptors, the best known being the CB1 and CB2 receptors. The former are found particularly in the brain and nervous system and the latter throughout the body, acting on immune system cells.

Studies have shown that CBD can react with these receptors but does not bind to them, unlike THC. We have mentioned this in several of our articles, especially this one. This is how the different effects of CBD will act on your body but also your psychological state.

In one study it was shown that obese people had CB1 receptors in unusual locations, especially in fatty tissue. The overweight individual could then, by consuming any food, "reward" the CB1 receptors that promote appetite.

The properties of CBD on the body

CBD is known to be an excellent stress and anxiety reliever. But did you know that it has another role? Contrary to what you might think, CBD doesn't stimulate hunger because its first cousin, THC, does. CBD does, however, reduce appetite. It can act as an appetite suppressant, or at least better regulate appetite.

And as we have seen before, overweight and obesity can result from anxiety disorders, insomnia or even the cessation of alcohol or smoking, CBD has an answer to each problem by helping you regulate your cravings.

In addition, studies show that CBD allows the browning of fats. We'll explain. In the body, there are two types of fat. White fats, which represent "bad fats" and brown fats, which are called "good fats". CBD is said to be able to convert these bad fats into good fats, allowing you to burn more calories. This phenomenon is better known as "lipogenesis".

It is not said to work miracles, however, it can help you as a healthy and natural food supplement, compared to the dangerous slimming products on the market. Our Cakespace CBD products can help you start slowly. We advise you to start with CBD oil.

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