13 CBD products for Deauville American Film Festival 2022

Our CBD products selection for Deauville American Film Festival 2022

How about some CBD products for the 2022 Deauville American Film Festival? With 13 films in competition, the 48th edition of the American Film Festival still promises to blow our minds. And to discover these new nuggets of the 7th art, what’s better than to associate them with the good CBD products? And the timing could not be betterl, because at Cakespace, we found you the best CBD hash and flowers


1-800-Hot-Nite - Hash au HHC

HHC and CBD products for teenage drama

This drama by Nick Richey follows the nocturnal wanderings of young Tommy who, after having witnessed his father's arrest, flees into the dark streets of Los Angeles. Hunted by the police, he is confronted with the darkness of this adult life that is imposed on him. An initiatory journey that corresponds well to the explosive and intense character of our new range of HHC Hash. Products with strong smells that contain a cocktail of soothing and good humor, perfect to follow the plot serenely.

Aftersun - Crumble Cola

One of the most regressive CBD products

With her first feature film, Charlotte Wells takes us to the Turkish coast in the late 1990s, where eleven-year-old Sophie spends her vacations with her father Calum. It is an opportunity to enjoy moments of complicity and for the young girl to live new experiences. But behind this seemingly bucolic reunion, Callum hides a dark side full of mystery and melancholy... A dramatic comedy perfect to enjoy the sweet and regressive taste of our Crumble Cola, a CBD product full of soothing and good humor to accompany this ambivalent reunion.

Dual - Black Afghan Gold

A must-have for explosive science fiction

Directed by Riley Stearns, this satire tells the story of Sarah, who is terminally ill with a serious disease and begins the process of making a clone to spare her loved ones a painful goodbye. But as the clone is born, Sarah miraculously recovers. And to get rid of this cumbersome double, there is only one solution: a fight to the death. A satire of science fiction which will marry ideally with a must of CBD products: the Black Afghan Gold. Its intense aromas and volcanic effects will help you follow this thrilling plot for an incomparable experience.

Emily the Criminal - Black Nepal

A syrupy CBD hash to keep you glued to the screen

With a string of setbacks and crushed by debt, Emily has no choice but to start a credit card scam. Little by little, she sinks into the underworld of Los Angeles... A film as black as our Black Nepal, a CBD hash with syrupy flavors, perfect to stay glued to your seat in front of this captivating plot signed John Patton Ford. 

Montana story - Shatter Lemon

One of the most authentic CBD products for afamily drama

With her father dying, Erin returns to her family's Montana ranch after years of running from her past. There she is reunited with her brother Cal, with whom she must now make difficult decisions and deal with years of silent resentment. A drama with an authentic and fresh smell, like Haley Lu Richardson, but also like our Shatter Lemon, one of the most effective CBD products thanks to its stimulating and soothing effects.

Over/Under - OG Amnesia

A bright CBD hash to evoke the magic of childhood

Sophia Silver takes us back to the summer of 2002, where we follow Violet and Stella, two mischievous young girls whose daily life is made up of swimming and butterfly hunts. When summer is over, they find themselves confronted with the new reality of adolescence... between menstruation, puberty, and new looks, the magic of childhood fades little by little... a perfect metaphor for our OG Amnesia, a hash with delicately sweet aromas that evokes the rays of the sun, and will prolong the delights of childhood, just a little more...

Palm Trees and Power Lines - Red Lebanese

One of the most stimulating CBD products for a captivating spiral

During a colorless summer, seventeen-year-old Lea meets Tom, the perfect distraction from her frustrating life. Gradually, the romance turns into a hold, and the charismatic boy into a danger. A story of manipulation that evokes the malleable texture of Red Lebanese, one of the most stimulating CBD products, ideal for following this gripping spiral directed by Jame Dack.

Peace in the Valley - Moonrock Ice Pink

A powerful CBD moonrock for overwhelming grief

What better way to deal with Ashley's grief than with Moonrock Ice Pink, a pink resin-covered flower with powerful fruity, relaxing notes? Faced with the heroic death of her husband, this mother must now raise a son who develops a dangerous interest: hunting.

Scrap - Moonrock Ice White

A family drama for a delightfully inspiring Moonrock

Directed by Vivian Kerr, this family drama tells the story of Beth, a woman struggling to get back on her feet after being laid off. Her only solution? To get closer to her brother, who is struggling to have a child... A very heavy picture that goes perfectly with the relaxing and inspiring Moonrock Ice White.

Stay Awake - Fruit Cake

A comforting CBD flower

To help Ethan and Derek, two teenagers struggling to get ahead in life while caring for a drug-addicted mother, we immediately thought of Fruit Cake, a soothing CBD flower with a deliciously sweet scent that will comfort them with its childlike aromas.  

The Silent Twins - King Hassan

A colorful scenario for a CBD hash full of surprises

Wales, early 1970s. June and Jennifer, twin sisters with an unbreakable bond, gradually close in on themselves to protect themselves from a hostile environment. Their only comfort? Inventing an imaginary world where they can freely blossom. A scenario in the image of our King Hassan, which combines sublime oriental scents that are at once floral, fruity and spicy.

War Pony - Super Lemonhaze

A sparkling CBD flower to awaken your aspirations

To follow the adventures of Bill and Matho, two young Amerindians who fight to live their dreams, we can only recommend Super Lemonhaze and its lemony and spicy aromas, which will bring the energy and the stimulation of this initiatory film signed by Riley Keough and Gina Gammell.

Watcher - Crumble Champagne

A sparkling thriller, to be enjoyed with a tasty Hash

Following her husband who has just landed a new job, Julia leaves the United States to settle in Bucharest. Having just given up an acting career, this wife finds herself confronted with the loneliness of expatriation... until this one evening, when she glimpses a silhouette through the window ... A resounding thriller, to be enjoyed with our Crumble Champagne...

With this selection of CBD products, you are now equipped to vibrate with this new 2022 selection! Don't hesitate to give us your opinion on our choices of association or on your upcoming movie sessions. For that, just join us on instagram! On our side, we're heating up the popcorn, and we'll see you soon with new content related to CBD!

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